Difference Between Communism And Socialism

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The world has seen various changes in the ideas and theories of renowned thinkers, and social workers. The theories of Communism, Socialism, Imperialism, etc. have come down from the ages. They have influenced the lives of people from time and time. Communism and Socialism are two ideologies that have stormed the world from quite some time. Although the words are used synonymously, they are distinct and convey different meanings.

Fact 1 What Is Communism

Communism is an “ism” or theory that advocates economic equality for all. It believes in elimination of property as belonging to someone privately. According to Karl Marx, an advocate of Communism, capitalism or inequality of wealth distribution is the source of all evil. Private business owners, being the master of all sources of production, naturally exploit the working class, who are forced to sell their skills to earn a living. Such a system of society will bring only pain and strife to one class of the society while the owner-class will enjoy all the benefits. Hence this is detrimental to the health of the society and the country at large. Everyone must have same social status and private holdings is not supported by Communism.

Fact 2 What Is Socialism

Socialism is a theory that is in favor of the society at large. It implies direct control of mills, factories, lands and other instruments that enhance production by the people collectively. The main aim of Socialism is to work together both as owners and workers to bring better standards of living of all people. However, all the work should be carried out by a government that is democratic in nature and rests on economic organization of the country. There will be active participation of all members and their opinions will be considered before taking any decision towards betterment.

Fact 3 Difference Between Communism And Socialism

There are some similarities between Communism and Socialism that lies in the fact that both the theories lay stress on economic equality, ownership of property and goods by the state and no one person in particular and also aim at building up a healthy society where there will not be a rich class oppressing the poor working class. But the similarities are limited within this barrier. The differences are visible in various other points like:

  1. Communism aims to abolish capitalist economic systems. It wants to establish a society where the last words regarding all matters rest with the general public. This in fact creates a problem. A person who can work more efficiently and give more to the society does not get anything in return for his extra-ordinary skills and expertise. He gets what all others get as their wages. So there is dissatisfaction and lack of improvement in the quality of work as well as production. Socialism, however, speaks all the people of a society and aims to do good for every individual. It has a governing body whose members are elected by the people themselves because they trust them and realize that they can handle things and resolve problems better than them. Hence there is improvement and satisfaction too among the people.
  2. According to Communism, private property owners are like dictators. Since they have power, they exploit the working class and so such a system should be abolished. Socialism believes that the transition from capitalism to socialism is feasible without changing the basic character of the state which is “doing good for the people”. Socialism can be established step by step because it feels that Socialism can establish a harmonious society by co-operating with each in every matter starting from scrap to the final decision. A democratic form of rule within a capitalist state is conducive to a good and flourishing society.

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