Things to Do in Atlanta

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Regarded as a metropolitan area with a future and ties from its past, Atlanta is a place of unparalleled wonders. It’s home to some of the biggest TV series to date, such as: The Game, Single Ladies, Love and Hip-hop Atlanta, For Better For Worse by the great Tyler Perry, and Real Housewives of Atlanta, among many others. The city was established in 1837 and was named “Marthasville” as a way to honor the daughter of the governor at the time. Later, it was renamed Atlanta, the feminine version of Atlantic, the railroad. During the civil rights movement from 1940-1970, Atlanta was in the limelight, as its leaders were on a quest to bring power to the black people. As today’s Georgia capital, the metropolis is blessed with an incredible heritage, depicting trade and development and the culture of the “contemporary society.” Many panoramic places lure people to this side of Georgia.

Atlanta History Center acts as a library of information regarding the history of the town, acting as a first-stopover point for tourists visiting the capital. Before continuing on their journey, travelers get to know the story of Atlanta’s residents from the ancient days to the present. The center houses a number of museums like The Atlanta History Museum, which is the largest museum in the USA. There is also the Centennial Olympic Games Museum that was opened in commemoration of the 1996 Olympic Games and has exhibitions on the Olympic history of the USA. In addition, visitors are treated to the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum that hosts Margaret Mitchell’s prize-winning novel, Gone with the Wind. With its live history programs, which run throughout the year, in addition to talks from outstanding authors, summer camps in the surroundings, and festivals such as Sheep to Shawl, this center appeals to many tourists.

Once in Atlanta, your visit would not be complete without a tour to the World of Coca-Cola Information. It is one place on the globe where visitors can learn in detail all about the past, the present, and the future of the world’s biggest drink brand. There are some fun activities that one can enjoy there. A visitor can sample up to sixty different Coke brands from all over the world. There is a 4-D cinema that one can enjoy, and who wouldn’t want to watch a 3-D movie and sit on moving seats? You will also get to see an exhibition of all Coke souvenirs, including works by artists such as Steven Penley and Haddon Sundblom. Besides, there is a fully functional bottle line that is amazing, and tourists are allowed to take home an eight-ounce Coca-Cola bottle that is absolutely free! Also, you will have an opportunity to say goodbye by hugging a seven-foot bear! Don’t worry, it is allowed….

There is a lot in this city to see and do. Animal lovers will undoubtedly have a fun experience at The Atlanta Zoo. Here you will encounter different zoo animals with unique and comical features to add to your holiday amusement. Enjoy the fun shows arranged by the zoo personnel, and learn from them how you can train domestic animals! There are the talks done by the animal keepers and conservation activities that visitors can attend if they are interested.

Underground Atlanta Information is another place of interest. It’s a place of many activities, running constantly 24/7. You will be thrilled by the dance swings and cool music entertainment by “Atlantians.” It will even be more enchanting to get a fortune revealed by a tarot reader! Sample distinct city cuisines, “a reminder for a repeat visit,” and have fun shopping for various mementos. For a night of pleasure, enjoy clubs and restaurants at Kenny’s Alley. All this in just under six blocks!

This place screams coolness and modernity.

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