Facts About Las Vegas

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Introduction: Las Vegas is a resort town famous for its twenty-four hour casinos and unlimited entertainment, including major sports events such as world title boxing fights. It has themed hotels that are set behind dancing fountains. It is also a popular attraction for shooting films, both Hollywood and foreign.

Here are a few interesting facts about Las Vegas:

1. Fact One: Around one thousand people are believed to be living in underground tunnels.
2. Fact Two: In nineteen hundred and eighty, the Las Vegas Hospital suspended staff because they would bet on when the patients would die. A nurse was even accused of murder so she could win.
3. Fact Three: Pop Star Michael Jackson was to build a fifty-foot-tall statue of himself in his famous moon walk pose as an advertisement for his comeback in two thousand and five.
4.Fact Four: Fredrick W Smith, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FedEx, saved his company by gambling on blackjack and winning twenty-seven thousand dollars which he used to pay the company’s fuel bills.
5. Fact Five:
Fountains and man-made lakes use water from sinks,bathtubs, and showers which is recycled.
6. Fact Six: A man actually suffered a cardiac arrest by eating at theHeart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.
7. Fact Seven: The Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on earth if looked at from space.
8. Fact Eight: The Bronze Lion outside the Metro Goldwin Mayer Grand Hotel weighs fifty tons. This is the largest bronze sculpture in the United States.
9. Fact Nine: Around thirty-four percent cases of cheating and theft are committed by staff at Las Vegas casinos.
10. Fact Ten: According to a survey conducted in two thousand and thirteen, fifteen percent of people come to Vegas to gamble, and seventy-one percent of them gamble during their visit.
11. Fact Eleven: Steve Wynn opened the city’s first mega resort, The Mirage, in nineteen hundred and eighty-nine.
12. Fact Twelve: Howard Hughes stayed in the penthouse of the Desert Inn and refused to check out. He eventually bought the hotel and, in doing so, weakend the hold the underworld had over Las Vegas
13. Fact Thirteen: Las Vegas has a black book that has a list of people banned from entering casinos in the city.
14. Fact Fourteen: At one thousand one hundred and forty-nine feet high, the Stratosphere Las Vegas is the tallest single observation tower in the US.
15. Fact Fifteen: The largest sum paid out on the Las Vegas slots was at the Excalibur. After putting in one hundred dollars, a twenty-five-year-old engineer won thirty-nine million.
16. Fact Sixteen: Las Vegas legend, Elvis Presley performed eight hundred and thirty-seven consecutive sold out shows at the Las Vegas Hilton, now known as the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.
17. Fact Seventeen: The Luxor Las Vegas Sphinx, a replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, is a hundred and one feet high and larger than the original in Egypt.
18. Fact Eighteen: Las Vegas casinos never use die with rounded edges.
19. Fact Nineteen: Though Las Vegas may seem like a larger-than-life city, it is located in the Mojave Desert, the smallest desert in North America.
20. Fact Twenty: When it first opened, the Wynn Las Vegas was the costliest hotel in the world.
21. Fact Twenty-One: Las Vegas has the highest number of non- registered phone numbers.
22. Fact Twenty-Two: The first hotel to open in Las Vegas was the Grand Gate Hotel and Casino in nineteen hundred and six.
23. Fact Twenty-Three: On Fifteenth May nineteen hundred and five, Las Vegas was established as a city.

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