Facts And Information About New Zealand

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New Zealand means “Land of the long white clouds”. It is a picturesque island country with mesmerizing landscapes and long, golden beaches.

Fact 1 Description About The Islands

New Zealand consists of two major islands, the North Island and the South Island. There are other smaller islands scattered about. The country is located about 2,012 km on the south eastern part of Australia. The two main islands are separated by the Cook Strait that was named after the famous British captain James Cook. The North Island is volcanic in the south-central region. There are quite a few hot springs also in this area. The Southern Alps lie on the west coast of the South Island. Mount Cook is the highest peak in this island. Some of the other islands that are a part of New Zealand are Stewart Island, Great Barrier Island and Chatham Islands. These islands are inhabited by various tribes. The large Auckland Islands, Campbell Island, Kermode Islands and Antipodes Islands are bare although they are some of the largest islands.

Fact 2 The First Inhabitants Of New Zealand

It is believed that the Maoris arrived on these islands about 1000 years ago and were the first people to settle down in these islands. They came in seven canoes from Polynesia according to oral sources. However, according to history, a Dutch navigator, Abel Tasman explored New Zealand in 1642. James Cook, a British captain visited these islands three times and finally conquered the islands in 1840.

Fact 3 Climate Of New Zealand

The country enjoys a variable climate. Although the far northern regions experience sub-tropical temperatures, the climate is generally mild with the mountainous areas in the far south being quite cool. Nor ‘westers cause rainfall in the South Islands. If you love to experience different types of weather in one place, then New Zealand is the best place for you as the climate here changes quite often.

Fact 4 Attractions Of New Zealand

New Zealand has a lot to offer its visitors like craggy coastlines, long beaches, and snow-capped mountains, green forests inhabited by strange variety of birds while the coasts ring with the sounds penguins, seals and whales. The variety of plants are some of the best in the world. The native forests, national parks, thermal reserves, high mountains and lakes and glaciers make these islands a wonderful tourists’ destination.

Fact 5 Places That Must Be Visited

If you love the serene waters and the long sandy beaches, then visit the Punakaiki coast. It has an amazing rock formation known as Pancake Rocks. The Waitakere Beaches are the three incredible beaches along the Waitakere Range. The beauty of the coastline is just incomparable.

The blue waters of the Waikato River seems like a painted picture. It is so vivid and clear that it seems like a man-made swimming pool in the shape of a river. The Huka Falls is also a wonderful place to visit. The Franz Josef Glacier is a wonderful sight especially if it is viewed from atop the mountain tops. The surrounding mountains and rainforests too offer an amazing picturesque sight for visitors.

The other interesting places to visit are the Tongariro National Park which is more of a rugged, volcanic landscape rather than island region. The Golden Bay offers a perfect beach with expanse of sands covering the entire area. Sudden sandstorms are not a rare incident in this region. For hikers, the not-to-be missed out spot is the Milford Track. It is a famous hiking trail and you need to book your trip in advance. Fordland spreads a mystical feeling especially when it rains heavily. If you want to cool your eyes with greenery around you then the Coromandel is the ideal wild, green peninsula that awaits you.

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