Facts And Information About Belgium

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Belgium is a small country that lies in Western Europe. It has a lot to offer its visitors starting from scenic beauty to historical museums and monuments that bear the heritage of the country.

Fact 1 Geographical Position And Features Of Belgium

Belgium lies in the north western part of Europe and is bordered in the south by France, on the east is Germany and Luxemburg in the south-east and on the north is the Netherlands. In the north-west, there is the long coastline of the North Sea. The three regions of Belgium are Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels. The first two are again divided into ten provinces. Flanders offers a variety of physical characteristics that consists of low-lying areas near the coast that rolls into small hills and fertile greenery. The largest river of Belgium, the Scheldt flows through this area entering Belgium near Toumai and then flowing into the sea near Antwerp.

Fact 2 Climate Of Belgium

Belgium attracts visitors from every nook and corner of the world. Travelers visit the country mostly during the summer and spring as the days are pleasant. Christmas time is also an ideal time to visit Belgium. During summer, the days are comparatively longer than the days in winter. In August, heat waves however are quite common. During the winter months, the cold North Pole winds make the weather quite cold and chilly and you will need heavy woolens to beat the cold. However, the snowfalls in January is quite interesting for visitors of the eastern countries.

Fact 3 Culture and Economy Of Belgium

Belgium has witnessed various invasions and hence it has a wide variety of cultures that include French, Dutch and German. It is a Federal State and has a strong economy. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the second largest city of Antwerp is a home of the best diamonds of the world. Most of the people are either Roman Catholics or Protestants and the common languages of the people are namely French, Dutch and German. The economy of Belgium is dependent mainly on industries like metal products and engineering goods, chemicals, processed beverages and food, and assembly of motor vehicles. The main agricultural produce are fresh vegetables, grain, beef, fruits and sugar beets. It exports chemicals, metals and metal products, equipment and machinery, and diamonds. Belgium is famous for its rich chocolate, fries, beer and waffles.

Fact 4 Tourists’ Attractions In Belgium

There are innumerable places to visit in Belgium. Starting from museums to monuments and palaces, each heritage site speaks about the unique workmanship of the great sculptors of the country. Some of the interesting places that a traveler must visit are:

The Museum of Ancient Art that houses a unique collection of drawings, paintings and sculptures of the 15th to the 18th century. The Museum of Musical Instruments commonly known as MIM, THE Magritte Museum, Museum Horta and others are must visit sites of Belgium if you are interested to know about the past culture and rich art and architectural style.

The Grand Place is a well-known monument that portrays gothic style work and is one of the World Heritage Sites according to UNESCO list. The Town Hall is the unique building or hall that belongs to the 13th century and bears testimony to the high quality art and architectural style of the period. The Royal Palace is the home of the King of Belgium. The flag of Belgium is seen fluttering in the air only when the King is within the country. Visitors can enter the Royal Palace only in summer. Galeries of St. Hubert is a marvelous piece of art that is a complete glass roof arcade. The awe-inspiring Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudule is also a heritage site.

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