21 Stunning Facts About Montana

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“I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love. And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.” – John Steinbeck

The Place with “Big Sky” and “Treasure”

Montana always has made people go ga ga just the way famous American author John Steinbeck gushed in praise.

Well, they have the right reasons to do so. You can see nature’s gifts here in abundance – from majestic mountains to lush green farm fields, the nature’s beauty will simply take your breath away. Due to this, Montana got a few popular nicknames – “The Land of Shining Mountains” for the stunning sunrise over the Rocky Mountains; “Treasure State” for its rich mineral reserves and “Big Sky Country” because the skyline is mostly free of skyscrapers and you can see the open, big sky all the time.

Facts About Montana:

  1. The name “Montana” was coined by U.S. Congressman J.M. Ashley in 1889, who picked the word “montaanus” (mountains) from a Spanish dictionary.
  2. In 1876, the state witnessed one of the most infamous battles in the U.S. history. In the Bighorn Battlefield, General George A. Custer and his 263 soldiers involved in a battle with a formidable force of 1,500 to 2,000 Lakota and Sioux Indians.
  3. Montana is the fourth largest state in the U.S in terms of area. It is large enough to fitDistrict of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, New York and  That’s not all. Montana is a little bigger than Japan and a tad smaller than Finland and Germany.
  4. The state has a total of 56 counties, out of which 46 are considered “frontier counties.” The average population in these countries is six or less people per square mile.
  5. In 1888, the number of millionaires lived in Helena was more than any other city in the world. They mostly made their fortunes by owning gold.
  6. Eight different Native American tribes live in Montana.
  7. The state motto of Montana is “oro y plata”, which means “gold and silver” in Spanish.
  8. Besides English, other popular spoken languages here are Czech, French, Polish, Russian and Japanese.
  9. Not surprisingly, Montana has also named the grizzly bear their state animal.
  10. Montana has some of the strangest town names such as Amsterdam-Churchill; Butchertown; Joe/Ismay; Kremlin; Manhattan; Pray and Stoner Place. Out of these, Ismay has the smallest population of only 19 people.
  11. The state has more cattle than people.
  12. The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized Montana’s “Roe River” as the world’s shortest river.
  13. Montana’s Fort Peck Dam is the biggest earth-filled dam in the world.
  14. Montana’s Miles City is called the “Cow Capital” of the West, where cowboy traditions are still alive.
  15. The state is famous for precious gemstones, especially Sapphires. Interestingly, the “Montana Yogo Sapphire” is the only gem from North America that is part of the Crown Jewels of England.
  16. You can use the word “ditch” to order a drink in Montana. It means “with water.” For example, “whiskey ditch” refers to “whiskey with water.”
  17. The most remarkable temperature change over a 24-hour period has been recorded in Loma, Montana. It happened in 1972 when the temperature went up from -54ËšF to 49ËšF!
  18. The Glacier National Park is the most visited place in Montana. It is also called the “Crown Jewel of the Continent.”
  19. Montana’s Great Falls is said to have more than 100 UFO sightings!
  20. Montana is mentioned in several TV shows such as the Simpsons, Supernatural, X-Files and X-men to name a few. In addition, since 1954 till date many movies were shot in Montana.
  21. Some of the famous people from this state are Jeannette Rankin (1stwoman in Congress), Gary Cooper (Actor), Christopher Paolini (Author), Dana Carvey (Comedian), Michelle Williams (Actress), the list is endless.

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