Number of runners in the US


How many runners are there in the US?


There is a decrease when it comes to the number of runners in the US.  According to the website, in 2012 were 487000 runners in the US.  It is interesting to know that, for the first time since 2001, the estimated number of US marathon finishers declined from 518000 in 2011 to 487000 in 2012.  The Annual Marathon Report 2013 shows a decrease of 6%.  42% of the runners are women and 58% are men.  Moreover, there is no limit of age for the marathon participants.  46% of the runners are 40+, 52% are 20-39 and 2% are juniors (under 20 years old).

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    • Anonymous

      October 9, 2015 2:38 pm

      Not necessarily. This is just a figure that someone randomly calculated the percentages for runners. If you do not understand how much training goes into running a marathon, it is quite difficult. As a veteran (over age 40 in the US and Master’s (foreign countries), it does make a difference. For being a runner 40 years now, I have completed six marathons. I am due to run my seventh this weekend (OCTOBER 11 2015). It has been a long training year. I could help explain things better for you. I could be reached via email at: Good luck


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