Number of MBA Applicants in 2009

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How many MBA applicants were there in 2009?


This is the number of GMAT score reports sent to MBA programs in 2009, according to Graduate Management News (May 2010). Seeing that the GMAT test is required for MBA applications, therefore the number of MBA applicants in 2009 amounts to 801,504. The US is the top destination for MBA applicants, and received 628,431 GMAT score reports in 2009; India, China and Taiwan are the countries that sent the highest number of score reports to American schools.

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  1. Naveed

    September 16, 2012 6:22 am

    The number of GMAT score reports sent to the Bschools doesn’t directly correspond to the number of applicants. On an average for the small set of students whom I know personally, the number of times they appear for the GMAT are near to 2. Also, when a person takes a GMAT, he/she often reports scores to more than one school. The number of the MBA applicants would be much lower than the number reported above.


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