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How many Mac users are there?

93.96 million.

W3Counter’â„¢s latest Global Web Stats, published in May 2010, report that the Mac OS X operating system has a 7.83% market share. Taking into account that there must be about 1.2 billion personal computers in use (according to Forrester Research, Inc.), the Mac user population is currently about 93.96 million. In three years, the number of Mac users has nearly doubled.

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  1. Liliana

    April 27, 2012 2:14 am

    Hmm, this number is hard to believe, or maybe it was accurate in 2010 but I seriously believe that number has gone down. More people buy iPhones and iPads than Macs, and they use those with their PCs. The truth is, people love small gadgets they can take with them and brag about. Macs are too expensive and bulky to take along on a trip.

    I myself switched to Windows after 20 year devotion to Macintosh computers (see:…_I_still_miss_OS_9_however.)

    Either way, the last time Apple really dominated the computer market at #4 computer maker in the world was in 1996 ( they lost their place soon enough.

    I am sad to say, I would have never dropped my devotion to Apple, but they like talkers more than they like thinkers and artists. I’ve moved on to the PC (1 year 2 months and counting)…


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