Number of Koi fish

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How many Koy fish are there?

It depends to the number of gallons

There is a common idea that the number of gallons is in direct connection to the number of Koi fish people can have.  The specialists from Koiacres consider the following GPK (gallons per Koi) rates based on their size: small Koi (2″ – 8″): 100 – 150 gallons, medium Koi(8″ – 14″): 250 – 300 gallons, large Koi(14″ – 24″): 400 – 500 gallons and jumbo Koi(24″ – 36″): 750 – 900 gallons.  Koi fish represents a rare fish you can find in rivers.  It appears more in rainy weather, even in winters.

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    Who wrote the article on number of Koi? Depending on how counted, there are 5+ English errors in this single paragraph!

    And the answer in one sense is wrong, and in another sense, incomplete!

    If you’d like input from someone who has 10,000s of Wikipedia edits, and has been a professional editor at Microsoft, give me a shout! I’d love to help!

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