Number of ISPs in Greece

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How many isps are there in Greece?


According to Wikipedia, in Greece there are 4.893.840 IP addresses, 1,6638e+30 IPv6 addresses, 5.920.000 Internet Users, 2.396.700 broadband connections and 23 Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  At the beginning, people had Internet in Greece relied on PSTN/ISDN modem dial-up.  Moreover, mobile broadband was used in Greence since 2008 by Vodafone, Cosmote and Wind.  Main ISPs are Otenet, Cyta Hellas, Forthnet, Vivodi Telecom, Hellas On Line and Tellas.  Moreover, OTE AE and OTE Global Solutions are part of the same group.   The satellite Internet access is more expensive.

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