Number of Grams in a Cup

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How many grams are there in a cup?

236-237 grams for liquid measures and between 120 to 280 grams for dry measures.

The number of grams in a cup vary depending on the density of the object being measured. Liquids weigh 236-237 grams in one cup. For dry weights, however, you have to account for the different densities of different materials. A cup of fine wheat flour, for example, may weigh 120-140 grams, while a cup of denser table salt will weigh 280 grams. All this is measured in terms of the U.S. customary cup, and measures for the imperial cup in the UK (283-284 grams liquid and 230-340 grams solid) and the metric cup in Australia, Canada and New Zealand (249-250 grams liquid and 200-300 grams solid) vary slightly.

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