Number of Government Employees in the World


How many government employees are there in the world?


There are at millions of government employees, also known as civil servants, worldwide. Although there is no available data that gives an exact number of government employees worldwide, here are a few country statistics:


No. of Government Employees


United States 21,292,000. Feb. 2010, Bureau of Labor Statistics
France 2,285,507 Dec. 1999, French Civil Service Ministry
India 18.7 million India Watch (undated)
China 5.41 million Mar. 2002, People’â„¢s Daily
Indonesia 3.74 million 2005, Prof. Prijono Tjiptoherijanto
Canada 2.7 million 2002, Statistics Canada
Germany 2 million, est. Feb. 2010, Associated Press
Italy 3.4 million Sep. 2006, New York Times
Japan Over 1 million 2003, Wikipedia
Russia 846,307 Mar. 2009, Russian Federal State Statistics Service
UK 520,000 Nov. 2009, UK Civil Service
Greece 500,000 Mar. 2010, Reuters
Ukraine 283,408 Jan. 2010, National News Agency of Ukraine
Bhutan 20,698 June 2009, Bhutan Civil Service Commission
Namibia 76,373 Aug. 2004, The Namibian

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    March 15, 2012 5:07 pm

    This is not accurate at all!

    In Canada, there are approximately 350,000 civil servants.

    In Britain, there are approximately 6.09 million!

    In the United-States, there are approximately 1.8 million.

    Please review these numbers and re-post.

    Thank you

    • stats admin

      June 5, 2016 9:05 pm

      I cannot see the resulting # that the site stated, but your own #’s are galaxy’s off.

      US: 21+ million government employees
      Canada : 500,000+ employees
      Great Britain: wasted to much time already researching that, so lets just use your # of 6 million.

      Regardless of the great Britain stats, I’m sorry but you are not even in the ballpark.


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