Number of Earthquakes in Haiti

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How many earthquakes have occurred in Haiti?

6 major earthquakes.

From the 1700s up to March 2010, 6 major earthquakes have been recorded to occur in Haiti. The first was on October 18, 1751, which destroyed Port-Au-Prince, followed by another damaging earthquake in November 21. In 1770 a magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit the country, followed by a deadly earthquake in May 1842 that killed 10,000 people. In 1946 a magnitude 8 earthquake shook Haiti and produced a tsunami that killed 1,790 people. The latest and most deadly earthquake occurred on January 12, 2010, a magnitude 7 earthquake that killed 222,521 people. It also generated 59 aftershocks of magnitudes 4.5 or greater up to February 9. This is according to the U.S. Geologic Survey.

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