Number of Drug Addicts in US


How many drug addicts are there in the US?

7 million.

In 2008, there were an estimated 7 million drug addicts in the United States. This is based on results from the 2008 National Survey in Drug Use and Health conducted by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. 3.1 million of this number were classified ‘with dependence on or abuse of both alcohol and illicit drugs’.

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  1. Anonymous

    May 9, 2014 12:19 am

    I looked at your numbers of multiple fines and they were wrong.
    Your estimate of 20 million blind people that equals the amount of drug addicts in the United States is ludicrous and idiotic.
    It would be like me saying everyone who works at your company is a moron. Sorry that might be true

    • Allyson

      July 31, 2014 3:53 pm

      Actually, the number of drug addicts in the US is about 7 million. The number of drug users (entirely different) is about 20 million.
      But the definition of “blind” is a very loose term because being deemed legally blind can be as simple as a person who has trifocals and can no longer see well enough to operate a motor vehicle but can still see well enough to do everything else for themselves and live a normal life. I’m wondering if you’re referring to blindness in the sense of those that are “Hellen Keller” blind (for a lack of a better description),because that would be a very specific and entirely different count of people than being deemed “legally blind.” I think this count is a combination of both. Hope this is helpful to you.

      • Peggy Hankin

        April 15, 2019 1:46 pm

        There are a huge number of drug addicted people. Functioning drug addicts, non functioning drug addicts, experimenting drug people, non reported drug users, teen drug users, persons not yet addicted, homeless drug users. It’s become insane. People were letting their kids go to Rave Parties where the drug scene is huge. Lots of dead drug users. Many are addicted to pot as well.

      • Peggy Hankin

        April 15, 2019 2:05 pm

        For sure. So many people know of family members that have used drugs or use drugs and think nothing of it until they lose a child from drug abuse. There are whole families that were raised by parents on drugs and alcohol. Never reported. I remember all my friends who had alcoholic fathers in the 1970’s.


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