Number of DoubleTree hotels

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How many DoubleTree hotels are there?

More than 325

Who has not heard of DoubleTree hotels by Hilton?  This is a worldwide brand of full service hotels trademarked by Hilton Worldwide.  Imagine that there are currently more than 325 hotels with more than 80,000 rooms on five continents.  Not too many people know that most DoubleTree hotels are independently owned and operated by franchisees.  Keep in mind that the DoubleTree by Hilton product line includes DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels, DoubleTree by Hilton Guest Suites, DoubleTree by Hilton Club and DoubleTree by Hilton Resorts.  The location of these hotels is represented by gateway cities, airport locations and suburban markets.  These hotels are present on five continents.

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