Number of Division 1 Basketball Teams

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How many Division I basketball teams are there?


There are a total of 129 teams competing in the Division 1 Basketball Championship of the US National College Athletic Association or NCAA as of the 2010 season. 65 of these are men’â„¢s college basketball teams, while 64 play in the women’â„¢s basketball tournament.

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  1. Cornstock

    January 20, 2016 5:52 am

    This isn’t true at all. There are currently 346 teams playing at the division 1 level of men’s NCAA basketball.

    The 129 that was used is only the number of teams that receive invitations to the NCAA tournament in a given year. That number has been changed since this post was made and is currently 68 teams for men and 64 for women in the NCAA tournament each year for a total of 132 tournament teams.

    It’s bad enough that someone was clueless enough to post this to begin with, but the fact that is says it was verified is even worse. While the explanation provided following the answer is not a false statement, it’s not the correct answer to the question.


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