Number of Bank Number of BMO

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How many bank numbers does BMO have?

At least 120.

There are at least 120 unique bank identification numbers (BINs) allotted for Bank of Montreal (BOM) card holders. This is based on the Bank Identification Number range provided by MasterCard. Some of the known BINs for BOM include ‘Ëœ5280 61’â„¢ for BMO MasterCard Prepaid Travel accounts,’â„¢ 5007 66’â„¢ for BMO Debit Cards, ‘Ëœ5191’â„¢ for BMO Canadian dollar accounts, ‘Ëœ5192’â„¢ for BMO US Dollar accounts, as well as bank account numbers starting from ‘Ëœ5193’â„¢ to ‘Ëœ5195’â„¢.

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