Number of African Americans in Prison


How many African Americans are in prison?


In 2008, there are 308,000 black non-Hispanic inmates in the United States. This represents 39.2% of the total 785,556 inmates for the same year. This data is based on the 2010 Statistical Handbook of the United States Census Bureau.

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  1. J. Wolfe

    November 21, 2013 11:58 pm

    Something isn’t right here. At URL:

    Where the question is:

    How many black men are in prison in the U.S.?

    Your answer is:


    “As of June 30, 2008, there are 846,000 black male inmates held in state or federal prisons or local jails in the United States. This represents 40.2% of all inmates for the same year.”

    There can’t be 846,000 black men in prison and only 308,000 African Americans in prison. One of these numbers has to be wrong and sadly I think it is this one, the lowest, 308,000. Either that or you need to clarify your ethnic definitions.

    And I believe your estimate of total 785,556 inmates in the United States is low too, at least for 2010. I think the number should be over 1,000,000.

    The problem with this kind of thing is that it makes me question all the other data on this site. I happened to notice this one and there may be other errors, who knows how many and which numbers are right and which are wrong? Trust but verify I guess.

    I love this kind of stuff, data, census data, demographic data, how many, how many of it, how many of them, how many of us … here, there and everywhere, but if it’s all, all of it, about the numbers, the numbers have to be accurate or there’s not really any point to it is there?

    • Greer Smith

      January 30, 2014 3:59 pm

      Your website says the number of 308,000 is black non-Hispanic inmates in the U.S. speaking about prison and local jails. I would like to know the real count of how many African Americans are in prison/local jails in the United States.


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