Brief History of Disney World

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Brief Introduction: We are living in a fast world that is extremely competition driven. To survive in this rat race, everyone has to work hard to earn a decent living. This takes a toll on our health, and we feel the need to have some periods of recreation in between. Recreation can be a type of indulging in entertainment activities that would enable us to forget our worries and tension for some time while having some fun. To cater to just this requirement, entertainment and amusement parks have sprung up all over the world. The pioneers in this field have to be Walt Disney and Ron Disney, to whom goes the credit for creating one of the earliest-known entertainment parks in the world. The first of such theme parks was built at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. A need was felt for similar parks to be set up in the southern states.

Search for Location and Infrastructure: A vast area of more than 27,000 acres was earmarked at Bay Lake, Florida, in the United States to construct a world-class entertainment park that would include all types of recreation facilities and games. The location, Lake Buena Vista near the towns of Kissimmee and Orlando, had been chosen. Work on the project started in the mid-1960s, and the theme park was designed to supplement Disneyland in California.

Secrecy of Mission: Known as ‘œThe Florida Project,’ the park was originally designed to be different from Disneyland in many respects. The entire project was shrouded in secrecy with very few trusted people in the know. The main issue was acquisition of vast tracts of land. Sudden purchase of huge quantities of land could result in speculation, and, thus, the acquisition was done in installments. Unfortunately, the death of Walt Disney in 1966 before the commencement of the construction threw a wrench in the works. Hence, the onus of realizing the dream fell on the shoulders of Ron Disney. Without the expert and creative guidance of Walt Disney, a theme park almost similar to Disneyland but on a much larger scale was constructed. The park was officially opened on October 1, 1971, and has been named ‘œThe Walt Disney World Resort.’ It is also informally referred to as ‘œDisney World.’ Walt Disney’s concept of an experimental planned community could not bear fruit.

Facilities Available: It houses more than 30 themed resort hotels, theme parks, water parks, golf courses, and a camping resort among many facilities. Initially the ‘œMagic Kingdom’ was the first original theme park to open in the complex, followed in quick succession by Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and other theme parks. Shopping complexes made their appearance in due time, of course.

Further Improvements and Additions: Walt Disney’s idea of showcasing technology was the brainchild behind the creation of Epcot. This was followed by the construction of the Disney-MGM Studios, now known as Hollywood Studios, and is said to inspire show business. Subsequently, on seeing the public demand, Disney’s Animal Kingdom was added in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Popularity: This entertainment park is the most widely visited park in the world with an annual attendance exceeding 52 million people. As Walt Disney very much loved to play golf, a lot of attention has been given to construction of golf courses, right from the rookie level to the professional level. It is a very effectively managed business enterprise generating a tremendous amount of revenue. Maintenance naturally takes a heavy toll as every aspect of safety has to be looked into.

Conclusion: The official slogan for the park, ‘œWhere Dreams Come True,‘ has been perfectly coined, keeping in mind the fulfillment of mankind’s dreams.

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