Ways To Quit Smoking

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Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’. ‘Tobacco causes cancer’. We all are very well aware of these well known quotations. We all know that cigarette is injurious to health. In spite of this, nearly 1.1 billion of the World population is under the influence of this ‘addiction’. Smoking is actually an addiction which affects a smoker physically as well as mentally. A smoker always touches cigarette just ‘for once’ but as the time passes, it becomes his habit or addiction which becomes very difficult for him to get rid of.

Cigarette is a slow poison. It causes many diseases like lung problems, heart ailments, chronic pulmonary respiratory disease, paralysis, premature babies, asthma and aging. According to Medical science, prolonged exposure to smoking may also cause Impotence in males and fertility problems in females. Then why do we become addicted to smoking? The answer is –‘presence of Nicotine in cigarette‘. Nicotine is a type of chemical which is present in Tobacco. Nicotine gives a type of psychological ‘Feel good’ feeling. It gives us a temporary relaxation from anxieties and depression. The worst part is this that Nicotine is addictive by nature. This chemical acts on our brain and makes it dependent on it. Gradually our brain becomes addicted to Nicotine intake and it becomes an almost unavoidable craving.

So what can we do to quit smoking? The answer is if we really want to avoid smoking, we will have to work at physical as well as on psychological level. The first thing which we have to ensure is the presence of real ‘Will‘ to quit smoking. If we have the real determination of quitting smoking than our brain definitely helps us. It is the brain which controls our body. We have to make sure not to overload our mind with the thoughts of quitting smoking. If we will continuously recall ourselves that “I have to quit smoking, I will not smoke’ than indirectly we are filling our mind with the thoughts of smoking and cigarette. In this way our brain will not be able to push the thoughts of smoking back. It is not going to help us. The best way is to divert our body and mind in any other absorbing activity in which we are totally involved like music, painting, and reading or chatting. It diverts our mind. Gradually our mind will also start rejecting the cravings of smoking and it is definitely going to help us.

Think before smoking. Smoking not only harms our body but also affects pregnant ladies, children and aged people around us. We have some responsibilities towards Mother Earth. Smoking emits harmful gases which negatively affects our environment. For producing 1 kg of tobacco nearly 8 kg of wood is burnt. If we quit smoking, it will reduce this consumption of wood up to some level. Keeping these points in our mind will help us to abstain from this habit.

Nobody can quit any bad habit in just one day. Neither should we try for it. Instead, we should try to increase the gap between two sessions. Starting from a gap of one or two hours, we should increase this gap up to four hours, five hours, half day and than for a full day. One thing which is to be kept in mind is that we have to follow this gap with iron determination. Gradually, our mind will automatically start helping us in fighting with the urge of smoking.

We may take the help of Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and meditation calms our mind, relaxe us and gives us an inner will power which may be very helpful in avoiding this addiction.

Now we come to the Medical helps which are available today. There are some therapies which are used by the experts. One such therapy is NRT or Nicotine Replacement Therapy. In Nicotine Replacement Therapy, a patient is provided with chewing patches, gums, inhalers or skin patches which have a comparatively low percentage of Nicotine. It is a type of replacement of cigarettes which is helpful in reducing the craving. As the amount of Nicotine consumption is reduced the craving also reduces.

Now a days, some Non Nicotine medications are also available like Bupropion.Bupropion is an anti-depressant and it does not contain Nicotine. The drug acts on the chemical of the brain which is responsible for Nicotine craving.Varenicline or Chantix is another medicine which is used by the Medical practitioners. It works by interfering with the Nicotine receptors of brain. It means, this drug not only reduces the pleasure of smoking but also helps in reducing the symptoms of Nicotine withdrawl.These medicines must be taken with suitable Doctors presciption.Depending on our extent of addiction and history, Doctor may give us a prescription which may vary from person to person.

Smokers may also take the help of Combined Behavioral Therapy. In Combined Behavioral Therapy, Nicotine Replacement Products, medicines and counseling all are provided to the patients who want to quit smoking. This therapy is very helpful in quitting smoking .This therapy has a high success rate.

It is necessary to understand the situations or ‘Triggers’ that induce our urge of smoking. If we generally smoke heavily after drinking, we must opt for non alcoholic drinks. If there are certain activities, places or people which we associate with smoking, we should start avoiding those. For example, if we opt for smoking when we are alone, we must go to the public next time to delay the craving or if we smoke while watching TV than we may have popcorns, chips or any other replacement to divert ourselves.

Family and friends are the support system of any individual. We should talk to our family members and friends regarding smoking and they may encourage us in getting rid of this addiction. They may also reward us when we follow a strict gap routine. We should encourage our selves by reminding our past victories over difficulties.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are common when we quit smoking. These symptoms include headache, nausea, anxiety, irritability, frustration and depression. To avoid these symptoms, some steps may be taken like taking a hot bath, exercise, and walking or relaxation therapy. If we find ourselves unable to cope with these symptoms a counselor or Doctor may help us.

Friends, our body are our greatest possession. It is our responsibility to keep this gift of God healthy and well maintained. Smoking is a slow poison which affects our body and mind equally. We should try to keep ourselves away from this addiction and if we are addicted, then it is never too late. Lets plan to quit smoking from today onwards!

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