Treatments for UTI

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The human body is a wonderful control system that has its own feedback mechanisms to maintain the body’s stability at all times. It is not surprising that most of us take advantage of this and are not very careful when it comes to maintaining health.
While the body tends to rectify these errors in all ways possible, there are times when it signals to us an irreparable condition due to a toxic aberration that may have occurred.
Waste materials from the body are removed in the form of urine, sweat and fecal matter. These waste removal pathways are highly important for maintenance of stable body conditions and a breakdown of any one of these systems may lead to discomfort and sometimes be highly painful.
That being said, these pathways are also home to millions of bacteria. Are these bacteria good or bad? Definitely good. In some cases however, unwanted bacteria may also lodge themselves in these body systems. When bacteria infects the urinary tract, it leads to a highly painful condition called urinary tract infection.
Most commonly occurring in women, it may be a relief to know that there are several treatments to get rid of these unwanted organisms. A few methods of treatment are given below:

1. General cleanliness.
Urinary tract infections when not severe can be treated by maintaining general cleanliness to prevent the condition from aggravating. Maintaining hygienic conditions provide a hostile environment for the bacteria causing the disease preventing them from lodging themselves in the urinary tract. Cleaning the area after using the toilet is a good way to keep clean and prevent infections.

2. Antibiotics.
Bacteria in the urinary tract can be killed by use of antibiotics. Depending on the severity and type of infection, the doctor may prescribe different antibiotics. While some of these antibiotics may have side effects, most are a harmless and help get rid of infection.

3. Exercising.
While exercises have been known to help control urinary tract infections, overdoing the same might result in discomfort. It is thus necessary to follow an exercise regime that is not too stressful to prevent sapping you off all energy in the body.

4. Drinking water.
Drinking water is one of the best methods to treat a urinary tract infection. Water helps flush out the bacteria causing the problem and is thus a common advice by all doctors. Cranberry juice may also be recommended owing to its therapeutic constitutions.

5. Painkillers.
An infection in the urinary tract can be extremely painful to deal with. Painkillers such as paracetamol and anti-inflammatory drugs can help ease the pain.

6. Hospitalization.
In severe cases of infection, hospitalization may be required. The patient may be given drips to keep their glucose levels normal. Apart from this, routine blood and urine tests will be taken to keep tabs on the bacteria and severity of infection.

7. Recurring UTI.
Some people, especially those who are sexually active may suffer from recurring UTIs. In such cases, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics along with contraceptives to ensure that the infection does not intensify in severity.

8. Herbal remedies.
Herbs like the bearberry leaf and goldenseal are known to have toxic effects against infection causing bacteria. These may thus be used to treat a urinary tract infection.

9. Diet.
Diet plays an important role when it comes to the treatment of Urinary tract infections. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that are known for their antioxidant properties and toxic effects against infection causing bacteria. In general, doctors advise patients with UTIs to add more vitamin C to their diet. Intake of yogurt maybe especially helpful as it is a natural probiotic. Also, when infected it is better to stay away from sugary food and caffeine drinks as it may worsen the condition further.

10. Lifestyle changes.
Smoking may aggravate the infection and should thus be avoided at all cost. It is also recommended to discontinue the use of soaps that contain fragrances while cleaning the genital area.

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