Treatment for ringworm

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All organisms on earth are dependent on another for their source of nutrition. While some animals simply feed off of the flesh of animals after killing them, there are a few others that derive their required nutrition from living animals.
Fungi are the most common examples of organisms that grow and feed on living substances.
Dermatophytes are a special class of fungi that lodge themselves as colonies on the keratin tissue of animals and humans. They are thus present on skin, hair and nails.

These fungal organisms feed on the keratinized material of the body resulting in inflammatory reactions induced in the host as a result of the metabolic by products produced.

Here are 10 methods to treat ringworm infections.

1. Home treatments for ringworm.
The simplest methods for treating ringworm involve applying powder, lotions and creams that contain a mixture of antifungal chemicals like Clotrimazole and Miconazole. These are to be applied on the skin after properly washing and drying the infected area.

2. Natural remedies that help treat ringworm.
While the most common solution to treating ringworm infections involves the use of chemical substances, a variety of natural products may also be used to treat the same. Substances such as Tea tree oil, Garlic extract, Apple vinegar, Coconut oil, Turmeric are natural antifungals and are known for their effective action against ringworms.

3. General hygiene to prevent infection by ringworm.
The best way to prevent getting a ringworm infection is to keep your skin clean and dry. This may be done by washing clothes regularly and having a bath with a proper disinfectant soap. Washing hands after toughing pets and protecting yourself from getting an infection from an affected person are few of the simplest methods to avoid a ringworm skin infection.

4. Ringworm infection treatments involving antifungal medicines.
As mentioned earlier, ringworm infections are caused by a class of fungi. Antifungal medicines are thus widely used to treat these infections.

5. Antifungal Pills to cure severe ringworm infections.
Ringworms infect the areas of skin, scalp and nails. In case of a skin infection, antifungal creams and lotions applied on the skin surface may help get rid of the ringworm taint. For scalp and nail infections however, oral antifungal medication may be required. This is prescribed by the doctor in the form of pills.

6. Allylamines- A group of antifungal drugs.
Allylamines are colorless organic compounds used to treat ringworm infections. These are unsaturated compounds of amine that are known for their antifungal actions.Terbinafine is one of the Allylamines used to treat ringworm infections. It can be sprinkled over food and swallowed rather than being taken as a pill.

7. Azoles- A group of antifungal drugs.
An azole is a class of five membered heterocyclic nitrogen ring consisting of at least one non carbon atom as part of its structure.Most popular azoles include Sporanox and Diflucan. These are available as pills in the market and do not require a prescription from the doctor for consumption.

8. Griseofulvin- A group of antifungal drugs.
Griseofulvin as an antifungal drug is extracted from a certain species of penicillin. It can be used to treatment infections in both animals and human. Griseofulvin is present as pills and requires a proper prescription from the doctor.

9. Tolnaftate- A group of antifungal drugs.
Tolnaftates are synthetic thicarbamates that are manufactured in the form of creams to treat fungal infections. These may be obtained without a prescription.

10. Clotrimazole- A combination of an antifungal drug and corticosteroids.
Clotrimazoles are antifungal drugs that are used to treat fungal infections while relieving the affected person from the itching sensations. The medication should be continued for 2 weeks and undergarments of the infected person should be thrown away on completion of the medication. The gel may be obtained without a prescription.

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