Tips for a Gorgeous Crowning Glory

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Your hair is your crowning glory. Haute couture and classy make up are lost without a glamorous hair do. Hairstyles and cuts are completely dependent on healthy glowing hair. Here’s how to keep it if you have it and retrieve it if you’ve lost it.

A Healthy Diet: A diet rich in proteins and nutrients is essential for healthy hair.

Balanced Eating: Eat your meals regularly and on time. Avoid long periods of fasting. Make sure that your meal contains all the food groups in the right proportion. Balanced eating prevents breaking of hair

Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting: Leaping from diet to diet in keeping with the current trends is detrimental to the health of your hair. Keep your weight stable and avoid extreme regimens.

Supplements: Foods rich in omega 3 oils are very good for the hair. Fish and nuts are good add-ons to your meal. Yogurt, sweet potato and spinach are also good.

Avoid Stress: When you’re stressed, the adrenals pump excessive cortisol that is not good for your hair.

Deep Tissue Massage: A weekly massage helps you relax and de stress. Get one if you can.

Limit Use of Heating Devices: Heat damages the hair. Limit the use of curling wands and heating irons to maximum 3 times a week. Also cover your head when in the sun and blow dry your hair as little as possible.

Brush Regularly and Well: Use a good quality brush (preferably natural bristle) and brush from root to tip to distribute the natural hair oils evenly, making the hair healthier and shinier. Do not brush your hair when it is wet.

Check your shampoo: Sometimes shampoos contain chemicals that damage the hair and necessitate the use of other hair products to repair the damage. The word ‘natural’ on the bottle does not mean anything. Check if the shampoo contains harmful chemicals like sodium laurel sulphate, parabens or benzyl benzoate. You can also rate your shampoo online. GoodGuide is one of the sites.

Deep Condition Once a Week: Warm your favourite oil and massage it into your hair Cover with plastic shower cap and wrap head in a towel for 30 minutes to 4 hours, before washing. If you have frizzy hair you can condition with 2 egg yolks mixed with slightly warmed water.

Dandruff: many commercial treatments are available. Natural remedies include adding a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo. Diluted apple vinegar is also effective.

Washing: Wash your hair only once a week if possible. Daily washing strips the hair of its natural oils. Massage your head with the shampoo. Rinse in the coolest possible setting for shinier hair.

Conditioning: Rub the conditioner into your hair from root to tip. Leave the conditioner to rest for best results

Use of a Hair Dryer, Flat Iron or Curling Wand: Keep the dryer on a cool setting, some distance from the hair. Use a heat protection spray when using a heating iron or curling wand.

Styling Products: These products dry the scalp. It is best to avoid using them, but if you must then spray on the hair not scalp.

Use Accessories: Clips, hair bands, ribbons etc. complement your gorgeous hair, choose them carefully and match them to you outfit.

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