Strength, Stamina, Substance: The 10 Phenomenal Benefits Of Tai Chi

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Tai Chi, a practice that is often described as “meditation in motion,” is the combination of slow, deliberate movements, breathing, and meditation exercises. A mind-body practice renowned for its simplicity and health benefits, Tai Chi originated from China as a martial art, a valuable feat that protects not only your physical self, but your mind as well. Incorporating Tai Chi into our everyday routine promises improved health, balance, and so much more. To fill you in on the specifics, here are 10 phenomenal benefits to read on about:

Fact 1: Great for a healthy mind, body, and soul, Tai Chi is a practice that cultivates growth, long life, health, speedy recovery from accidents, and positive energy. Qi is known as the energy force that flows throughout the body. Through Tai Chi, the flow of Qi is improved; any and all road blocks that deter the proper flow are unblocked.

Fact 2: Tai Chi not only helps keep your feeling fit and balanced; it’s also deeply rooted to the existence of Yin and Yang. The two opposing elements that are believed to make up the entire universe must be kept in harmony, and Tai Chi does just that. The ancient Chinese practice promotes harmony while acting as therapy.

Fact 3: In a span of 12 weeks, men and women who practiced Tai Chi were reported to have an increase in muscle strength. Even those who were below-average in health and those who were suffering from cardiovascular illnesses noticed an improvement with their coordination, balance, strength, and core.

Fact 4: Upper –body and lower-body strength, most especially in women, were improved dramatically. The women who practiced Tai Chi regularly started to notice an increase in flexibility as well; with little to no joint and muscle pain.

Fact 5: If you’re prone to falls, accidents, and over all a person born with two left feet and zero balance, then Tai Chi is the solution to our problem. As we grow older, Proprioception-the ability to sense the position of your body- declines. With the help of Tai Chi, the body is trained to retain and strengthen this sense. Sensory neurons located in the inner ear, as well as the stretch receptors in the muscles and ligaments are heightened. Improved flexibility and muscle strength make it less likely for us to fall, making it easier to recover. Tai Chi is also responsible for reducing our fear of falling or committing accidents in general.

Fact 6: Tai Chi is provides terrific aerobic conditioning. Movements in Tai Chi make for a great cardio session, especially for those who incorporate more walking in their exercise routine. Tai Chi is also believed to prevent heart disease and hypertension in men and women of all ages.

Fact 7: Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Let Tai Chi be of service to you. People who complain about not getting enough shut eye, most especially the older adults, were asked to do 16 sessions of Tai Chi. After easing into the practice sleep has never been better. The quality and duration of the sleep improved dramatically.

Fact 8: Tai Chi is believed to improve the life of women who suffer from Breast Cancer. The exercise, if practiced daily, is said to improve the function and quality of life of the women while improving the back lash of the side effects of the illness and therapy.

Fact 9: Tai Chi targets five main areas of the body, namely: the core, arms, legs, glutes, and back. Over time, people who practice Tai Chi religiously will notice increased balance, strength, endurance, and peace of mind.

Fact 10: A clearer and sharper mind, better breathing, stamina, suppleness of the skin, balance, muscle strength, and reduced levels of stress and anxiety are just a few of the benefits one can reap from practicing Tai Chi.

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