Pimples And How To Get Rid Of Them

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Although it’s ideal to have the regular upkeep from our trusted dermatologists, everything that we need to take care of our pimples and help us achieve beautiful and glowing skin can be found right under our noses. To be more specific, right in our kitchen! Whether it’s tweaking our diets until they suit our skin and life style better, or sticking to a dedicated skin regimen, getting glowing skin is easy if we put the work into it. It isn’t that hard. Here are 10 tips on getting rid of those nasty pimples. Enjoy!

Fact 1: For those of you who love wearing makeup, don’t forget to remove them before going to bed! Sleeping with make up on is skin suicide. Your skin can’t breathe with all the layers of product. Aside from this, oil, dirt, and sebum lay trapped. This results in pesky whiteheads,, blackheads, and acne. Keep your face make up free by investing in makeup removers, a good facial cleanser, and moisturize afterwards. Keeping your make up tools clean will do wonders for you too, as product and oil can get trapped in your brushes too.

Fact 2: A good diet that’s rich in fruit and leafy vegetables, lean meat, and food rich in Omega Fatty acids such as salmon and nuts, are great for glowing and clear skin. When we eat right and cut back on the junk food like crisps and soda, we help our body and our skin reach its prime.

Fact 3: Exfoliating twice a week will do wonders for your skin! Keep those pesky blackheads, bumps, and pimples at bay by exfoliating. This helps get rid of deep seated dirt while minimizing the appearance of pores, smoothening your skin, and preventing acne.

Fact 4: A beauty myth that is tried and true has you whisking some egg white until bubbly and applying it all over your face until it hardens. The protein in the egg white is rich in vitamins and minerals your skin needs. The egg white solution also leaves your skin clear, clean, and firm while targeting blackheads.

Fact 5: Nature is woman’s best friend when it comes to all-natural beauty remedies. Another trick is to slice up a tomato and rub it in your skin, letting the juices settle on your face for about four to five minutes. The acid in the tomato is great for clearing up skin, while shrinking pimples.

Fact 6: You’ve heard this time and time again, and as hard as it is to follow, you have to keep your hands off your face when you have a pimple. Picking at it will only aggravate it further, making it grow larger, stay longer, and hurt more. Pimples naturally take a 2-4 day stay on your face before it naturally disappears. So try waiting it out until then. You can help speed up your skin’s recover by using facial products that cater to your skin problem.

Fact 7: B beauty potion in the form of cucumber juice, milk, and lemon is said to do wonders for oil control, while giving your skin a cooling sensation and keeping your skin hydrated and pimple free all day. Equal parts cucumber juice, milk, and lemon on a cotton pad twice a day should do the trick.

Fact 8: As much as possible, keep hot water away from your face. The hot water strips all the nutrients and good oils from your face, leaving it aching and dry. This is prime ground for acne and other skin problems, aside from mild burns, reddening, and swelling.

Fact 9: A pimple bugging you just before an important date or night out? Concealer is your new best friend. After your face is clean and moisturized, take a mint colored make up base or concealer and begin dabbing it on your pimple and other red spots on your face like the corners of your nose and cheeks. Afterwards, apply the lightest shade of concealer you have, followed by the concealer that matches your skin tone and setting it all with loose powder. Your pimple will soon disappear!

Fact 10: All out of your favorite anti-acne cream? Try grabbing a tube of toothpaste. Yes, you read that right. Dabbing a small amount of toothpaste on your pimple overnight will shrink that bad boy by breakfast time.

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