Nutrisystem: The Eat Smart Weight Loss Journey

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Nutrisystem – the weight loss journey – was founded in 1972 in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, USA. The company originally provided commercial weight loss products and services. Today Nutrisystem has become a healthy life style for the thousands who have benefitted from the scientifically designed eating programmes designed by it.

Nutrisystem is diet plan which gives you the freedom to eat six times a day, indulge in your favourite foods and sweets, and at the same time lose weight rapidly but steadily.

Nutrisystem then sounds like a dream come true for all the ladies young and old and the men too, who need to lose weight for improved health, or wish to lose weight for improved looks.

A basic menu plan for a dieter could run like this:

7 am – Nutrisystem cinnamon raisin bar

10 am – Low fat string cheese and carrot sticks or a Nutrisystem smooth vanilla milk shake

12:30 – Nutrisystem chicken noodle soup

3:30 – Low fat yogurt with fresh blueberries

6:30 – Nutrisystem Lasagne

9 pm – Nutrisystem white chocolate chunk cookies.

This is a sample of the basic plan offered by Nutrisystem. The plan guarantees that you lose 5 pounds and reduce your waist by one inch within the first week. The four week plan has pre-selected ready to go foods. These include all-time favourite foods like burgers, pasta and chocolate. It is a safe and effective diet and comes at an affordable price. An added benefit is that as you lose weight you gain energy.

This wonder plan is based on sound scientific research. The three basic principles are

  1. Serve the correct portion
  2. Eat the right mix of nutrients
  3. Eat frequently to fight off hunger

Deciding the correct portion is difficult. Nutrisystem solves the problem by providing portion controlled meals and snacks. No need to worry about calories, carbs or points. Just eat the portion sent you.

Perfect nutrition is what each Nutrisystem meal is. The nutrients of each item is balanced to give you the nutrition you need, but knock off the excess sugars, fats and carbs that flesh out the foods you eat. A blueberry muffin from Nutrisystem has about a quarter of the calories, fats, carbs, sodium and sugars that a commercial muffin has. It has a similar amount of protein and more than double the fibre.

The Nutrisystem nutrient mix is 25% protein, 25% fat and 50% carbohydrates. Nutrisystem food has been developed by a team of experts and dieticians. The salient features being –

  • High protein with 25%% calories coming from lean protein.
  • Low fat with less than 30% calories coming from fats
  • Low sodium – less than 2,300 mg a day
  • High fibre – about 30 g a day
  • Low glycerine carbs to stabilise blood sugar

Over a hundred preservative free foods have been developed by Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem guides the dieter in eating smart. The first rule is to eating smart is to eat often. Nutrisystem has a variety of entrees and snacks. Eat every 2 or 3 hours, about 6 times a day.

Once you decide to you Nutrisystem for a healthier life all you need to do is choose you plan, customise your package and then place your order.

Nothing could be simpler.

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