Love In A Cup: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Tea

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Not a big tea drinker? You might want to reconsider after taking a look through this article we made just for you. We’ve listed down 10 benefits from drinking tea we thought might make you jump on board the tea wagon. Renowned for all of its health benefits restorative properties, traditional value, and antioxidants, tea has set the bar high for other beverages. Tea is basically Love in a cup! For more reasons why you should start drinking tea today, here are 10 benefits coming your way, so enjoy!

Fact 1: Tea is the superstar when it comes to Chinese and English gatherings, but did you know that the benefits of tea go as far as helping you shed some extra pounds? Believe it or not, but this all natural miracle brew aids in lowering cholesterol and improving your metabolism, helping you lose all the extra stored fat. Teas with the highest percentage of increasing metabolic rates are puh-er, green, matcha, and oolong. Oh, and its calorie-free baby.

Fact 2: Tea is the second most popular drink in the world, ranking right after water and just above alcoholic beverages (beer, most especially). The love for tea is traced back all the way to Ancient China and as far back as Old Britain too, its medicinal properties celebrated to this very day. It’s the go-to drink for detoxifying, de-bloating, hydration, lowering cholesterol, and over all wellness.

Fact 3: Green tea is said to be the healthiest beverage in the world, chockfull of antioxidants and nutrients that work magic for the body. A long list of benefits includes lowered cholesterol, weight management, brain function, lowered risk of cancer, and a strengthened immune system. With all these toxins eliminated from your body, it’s no wonder that drinking tea makes you stress free and more youthful looking! Thank you, antioxidants.

Fact 4: Tea is loaded with polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that eliminate free radicals within the body and protects your cells from damage. The elimination of free radicals from the body is great for combating ageing. No wonder Asian women are able to keep their youthful appearance for so long.

Fact 5: The oxidative properties in teas are great for fighting off illnesses such as cancer. An excellent source of antioxidants, green tea is known for fending off breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer to name a few.

Fact 6: Because tea increases your body’s ability to burn fat and use it as fuel, your endurance and energy levels go up, allowing you to last longer during workouts and to tire less quickly than you usually did when doing strenuous activities.

Fact 7: Tea helps the body recover from radiation. Tea helps protect our bodies from cellular degeneration when we become exposed to radiation. Nature’s miracle elixir is great for helping your skin bounce back after post exposure.

Fact 8: Drinking tea can help prevent blindness! Because the drink is so rich in antioxidants, it’s no surprise that scientists have discovered them inside the eye tissue. Tea fights off cataracts thanks to all the nutrients and antioxidants in the brew.

Fact 9: Tea has properties that aid in fighting off signs of ageing! It also increases brain function, which in turn lowers the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s disease! Tea gives us antioxidants and protective neurons that help deter neurodegenerative diseases from spreading.

Fact 10: Tea contains less caffeine that coffee! While a cup of coffee may contain about 135 mg of caffeine, a cup of good of tea only has about 30 to 40 g. Switching to tea is not only a healthier alternative to the usual array of caffeinated beverages, it’s also a great pick-me-up minus all the shakiness, sleep deprivation, and jitters!

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