Health Benefits Of Pith

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Pith refers to the white part of the orange fruit in between the skin and the flesh. This part of the fruit is fibrous and wraps the orange flesh like a protective coating. When people peel their oranges, some will also remove the white pith to make the fruit flesh smoother. Not many of these people know that this part of the orange fruit is actually very healthy and contains nutrients just like the actual flesh. The following are some of the health benefits of orange pith:

1. Blood sugar regulation
The whole orange fruit contains lots of fiber which is essential for lowering blood sugar levels. The pith is literally more fibrous than the flesh and contains enough of this nutrient which is good at regulating blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes have improved their blood sugar levels by increasing fiber in their diet. With the high-fiber content of orange pith, some people don’t want them removed totally when eating oranges.

2. Proper digestion
The fiber content in orange pith also helps promote proper digestion. With regular consumption of the orange fruit along with the pith, people will generally have smoother bowel movements. The bloated feeling will also be removed after eating meals with the high fiber content of orange pith.

3. Weight loss
Regular consumption of oranges and other fruits will also lead to possible weight loss. The fiber content of the pith and the orange flesh will literally help people feel fuller for longer periods of time. This feeling will then translate to better eating habits and fewer hunger pangs which will eventually lead to weight loss and/or management.

4. Anti-oxidant effect
Orange pith is also very rich in flavanoids that are essential nutrients that produce an anti-oxidant effect. The pith is said to contain more of these nutrients when compared to the actual orange flesh. These flavanoids help combat possible harmful chemicals and toxins in the body which may lead to serious illnesses like cancer for example. The flavanoid called naringenin that is found in orange pith is said to be helpful in protecting cell DNA from tumor growth and development. The same flavanoids also help burn excess fat.

5. Lower cholesterol
The hesperidin content of orange pith is also essential in helping the body get rid of excess cholesterol. With the help of fiber, this nutrient helps the body in removing excess fat and cholesterol which will eventually lead to a healthier cardiovascular system and better overall health.

The orange fruit in itself is one of the healthiest fruits in this planet. Loaded with vitamin C and various other nutrients, this fruit may be consumed regularly without the guilt. With more and more studies about the benefits of the white pith, more people have also maximized their orange cravings by not removing this part during meal times. The pith part of the orange fruit may seem bitter for the taste buds but health experts emphasize its health benefits should outweigh its unwanted taste.

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