Fear of flying

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A psychological issue:

Fear is a psychological feeling. It is a symptom and not a disease. It can virtually affect anybody from the bold to the beautiful. What is it that you are afraid of? What are the signs of fear? What symptoms do you encounter? How do you overcome and conquer that fear? Many such questions can come into the mind. The answers to these questions can run into several pages. However we shall make a brief analysis as to what is the fear of flying and how to overcome it.

What is fear of flying?

Fear of flying in very simple terms means fear of travelling in an aero plane or any other flying vessel such as a helicopter. If you go a little deeper it extends well before such a person enters the airport.

What exactly do you fear?

Every man in the world wants to live that one day longer. Thus it is death they fear and not anything else. It is not actually a fear of flying. It is the feeling that one may die if the plane crashes. This is a very big IF. Thus it can be seen that it is only a symptom and the symptom goes away once the flight lands on the ground.

Different types of fear of flying:

There are innumerable types but we shall restrict ourselves to only four of them.

  • Fear that the plane may crash
  • Fear that the plane may get hijacked
  • Fear that the plane may make an emergency landing in water
  • Fear of heights and speed

What are the signs and symptoms of this fear?

This is a psychological as well as a physiological problem.

Let us consider the physiological symptoms first.

  • It is natural to find that your heart starts to beat very fast and you can feel the irregularity. Sometimes it can be accompanies by chest pain also.
  • You will find that your muscles get tensed up and that you may feel them trembling for no reason at all.
  • Your breathing becomes quite heavy and labored.
  • Your stomach muscles get tightened which can cause discomfort in your intestines.
  • You may sense a feeling of weakness, sweating or even feel dizzy and your face may look pale.

The psychological symptoms are as follows.

  • You may get irritated easily and lose your temper over the smallest of issues.
  • You may not remember even simple things in your anxiety.
  • The fear may make your judgment clouded.
  • You may start expecting the worst and this will show in your behavior.

How do you conquer your fear?

First of all you have to understand that flying in an aero plane is supposed to be the safest mode of transport. Recent statistics have found out that flying in an air plane is about 29 times safer than driving an automobile.

However this is just a statistic. The real way to conquer fear is to calm the mind and think positive. You should develop the attitude that everyone in the world is born with his or her fate written on the forehead. This is a writing which no one can see. If it is destined that you will die in a plane crash it means that you will die in a plane crash. At the same time death is already preordained. If you have to die at a particular time, no one in the world can stall it. You may also fall in the bathroom and die. There have been cases of people surviving air crashes. If this is not fate than what is? This is something which is not in your hands. Why fret over something which is beyond your control?

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