Everything There Is To Love About Olive Leaf

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After reading this article, you’re never going to look at an olive the same way ever again. Since time immemorial, olive leaves have been a staple in the dietary and medicinal needs of man; proving to be not just a delicious and healthy treat, but nature’s pride and joy. The olive; from its leaves to its oil, is a blessing to this world. Chockfull of nutrients and antioxidants that help fight against illnesses and promote health and wellbeing, what’s not to love about this super food? For a better understanding of just how beneficial olive leaf can be, we’ve listed down everything there is to love about olive leaf, all for your reading pleasure:

Fact 1: Studies have proven that the intake of olive leaf has led to a decrease in elevated blood pressure. The drop in blood pressure leads to reduced pressure within the heart’s left ventricle, which means improved blood flow to the heart’s coronary blood vessels.

Fact 2: Olive oil is a huge part of the Mediterranean diet, finding it in almost all of the dishes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, seeing as olive oil is jam packed with nutrients and essential flavenoids.

Fact 3: Olive leaf extracts are believed to boast properties that fight against mitigating conditions such as diverse hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, cancer, and even stroke. So the next time you see a bottle of olives or some olive oil, be generous with the liquid gold!

Fact 4: Oleuropein is the superhero responsible for all of the olive’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and disease-preventing properties. It also lends the olive its distinct taste. Olive leaves contain high amounts of Oleuropein, which means you don’t need to drown in olive oil to be able to get the benefits. Eating the olives or the leaves are just as great.

Fact 5: Olive leaf is renowned for fighting cancer! The nutrients in the olive leaf inhibits the production of protein melting enzymes which cancer strives on in order to latch on to healthy tissues and certain parts of the body.

Fact 6: Olives are a staple in Mediterranean cuisines and is native to regions in Asia Minor and Syria. You may also find them cultivated in Mediterranean countries such as Chile, Peru and South Australia. The earliest use for Olive leaf was medication against illnesses in Ancient Egypt. the ancient Egyptians believed that the olive posses a great heavenly power that could cure any disease.

Fact 7: The medicinal properties of olive leaf go as far back as 1880s, when the leaves would be pulverized and mixed in with water. The mix would then be drunk, believed to lower fevers and improve overall health. A couple of years later, green olives were used to combat the onset of malaria.

Fact 8: Olive leaf extract is renowned all throughout the world; mainly for its powerful antioxidative properties, cancer fighting properties, ability to promote energy, healthy blood pressure, and an improved cardiovascular system.

Fact 9: You’d be wise to include this in all of your meal plans now. Aside from all the wonderful antioxidants you can get from eating olive leaves and the like, they’re also a great way of cutting down on all that nasty cholesterol. Olive leaf fights of the formation of bad cholesterol in the body, preventing its oxidation.

Fact 10: Olive leaves have been a trade secret for generations, and something that is worth mentioning are the beneficial properties which help relieve gouts. A traditional gout remedy in some parts of the Mediterranean, an enzyme in the leaf called Xanthine Oxidase is known to deter the growth of the gout and to soothe the affected area.

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