Difference Between Wart And Corn

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Wart and corn are conditions which affect the feet. They are some of the most common conditions of the feet and for this reason, most people are likely to have had either or even both of them at one point or another. It is important to note that warts can also affect other parts of the body aside from the feet. Warts which affect the feet are referred to as plantar warts.

Warts and corns are sometimes confused for each, people sometimes think that warts are corns and vice versa. The two conditions are however actually different from one another. They differ from each other mainly in terms of the part of the feet they affect, their appearance, and cause. The method of treatment is also different for warts and corns.

Affected location

Warts mainly occur on the plantar surface of the feet, that is the sole of the feet. They may also occur on the area underneath the large toe. Corns on the other hand occur on the top of the toes or in between toes.


Warts and corns can be distinguished from each other by their appearance. Warts usually appear as small and pale-colored patches on the surface of the feet. They have an outer surface which is dry and crusty and an interior which comprises of tiny black dots.

Corns on their part usually occur as dry, hard and thickened skin on the top of toes. They have a rough texture and are brown in color.


Warts and corns are caused in different ways. Warts are caused by a virus known as the human papilloma virus (HPV). Warts are a contagious condition, the virus which causes warts can be easily spread from one person to another. A person can contract warts through walking barefoot on public bathrooms and pool areas.

Unlike warts which are caused by a biological agent, corns are mechanically caused. Warts occur as a result of continuous pressure being exerted on the surface of the toes. Such pressure can be as a result of shoes which are too tight or which have a badly placed seam inside them. Continuous pressure on the skin causes it to thicken and harden.


Warts need proper medical attention because they are caused by viruses and viruses are capable of replicating quickly leading to further spread of warts. Treatment of warts involves trimming of the affected area followed by application of salicylic acid on the part which has been trimmed. Salicylic acid kills the human papilloma virus.

Corns are not very serious compared to warts. They can be left to heal on their own or they can be medically attended to especially in cases where they may be causing pain or soreness. Treatment of corns involves the use of corn pads or cups. Corn pads have the shape of a doughnut and contain foam inside them. The foam helps to soften and get rid of the thickened and hardened skin. Corn pads can be purchased from your local drug store.

Prevention of warts and corns

Warts and corns can cause soreness and pain making you uncomfortable as you go about your day. It is therefore important to take care not to get these conditions.

In order not to get warts, avoid walking barefoot on public shower areas and also ensure proper hygiene of the feet. You should also avoid sharing personal items like socks and shoes. This is because warts are contagious.

Concerning prevention of corns, one should avoid wearing poorly-fitting shoes. You should also not wear closed shoes every time.

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