Difference Between Methodone and Mephedrone

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Drug addiction is a raging topic in the present times. Though everyone is aware of the consequences of drug abuse numerous people especially teenagers have fallen prey to the vice. One of the reasons for this can be attributed mainly to the free flow of drugs in parties that they frequent. Methodone and Mephedrone are commonly known as party drugs though they have numerous differences between them.


Mephedrone, whose chemical composition is C11H15NO is also known as 4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC), or 4-methylephedrone. The drugs fall under the entactogen category of psychoactive drugs and this drug is a mix of amphetamine and cathinone compounds. The drug causes a temporary enhancement in both the physical and mental functions of a person who uses it. The amphetamine component of the drug stimulates the central nervous system and the cathinone component also acts as a stimulant and is derived from the Khat plant which is widely found in East Africa.

Mephedrone users ingest the drug by swallowing or by snorting. The drug is sometimes injected though it is quite rare. The drug is marketed as tablets, capsules or as a white powder. It is ranked fourth in the list of the most popular street drugs in the United Kingdom and is also known by different names such as meph, MCAT, bubbles or drone.

The following effects are felt by the users about an hour after Mephedrone is ingested. Users are more alert and restless with sensations of euphoria, excitement, confidence to behave like an extrovert in addition to increase in libido. Some people experience physical symptoms such as excessive sweating, headaches, palpitations, nausea and cold fingers in addition to the above mentioned feelings. However, there are no confirmed scientific reports about the addictive properties of the drug,

The drug has been in the legal market from 2007 and it is has often been blamed for many anti-social activities that are committed by people who are in a state of euphoria after the drug is consumed.


This drug is a synthetic opiate which has been prescribed traditionally as an analgesic and to rehabilitate a person from opiate addiction. The drug with it is slow onset and gradual action depresses the central nervous system and dulls the pain experienced by the people. The tablet when taken once a day orally can suppress the withdrawal symptoms that a person experiences for 36 hours and in addition prevent any untoward behavior characteristic of heroin addicts. One of the salient features of this tablet is that it is long acting and reduces the frequency that the tablet needs to be administered.

The drug does not cause any serious side effects barring some allergic reactions and swelling in the face. The other side effects of consuming this drug are nausea, vomiting, loss of sexual desire and constipation though the side effects are severe if a person overdoses on the tablet. Methadone is supplied as tablets, in powder form and as a liquid. Though the tablet is used for deaddiction purposes it is also highly habit forming. Studies have shown instances where people have made Methadone their primary drug. Long term dependence on the drug causes withdrawal symptoms similar to other drugs.

Each of us is unique and react differently to different drugs. The side effects of the drugs can be more severe on some people. Though Mephedrone gives a temporary sense of euphoria which wears off with time and Methadone is used for deaddiction purposes caution should be exercised when taking tablets which fall under the category of narcotics.

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