Difference Between Jelly And Jam

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Jelly, jam, spreads and others have added taste, flavor and nutrition to our foods from a long time. Initially, the process of making jelly and jam was a homely process because there were no such machines or industries as such that made these fruit products in large quantities for sale. Most of the food items were mostly made at home. Gradually, when women too started working outdoors, and life became more modernized, that these products were manufactured and sold at the stores. Hence, the making, processing, and preserving systems were different and more scientific.

Fact 1 What Is Jelly

Jelly is a kind of fruit spread that is clear and used as an accompaniment with breads and biscuits and also added to desserts. It consists of the juice of firmed fruits made with pectin. Any liquid or fluid that has flavor can be used to create jelly. We get a variety of flavors and colors of jelly and it all depends on the type of juice that has been used and how the juice has been extracted from the fruits.

Fact 2 What Is Jam

Like jelly, jam is also a fruit product that is often used to accompany foods like bread, biscuits, etc. The main ingredients of jam are fruit pieces that means fruits in their physical forms are available in jam. Some very small seeds are also included in the jam especially of certain category of berries like strawberries and such others. The whole fruit is cut into pieces along with sugar and pectin, and then boiled to get the thick consistency of the product that is made. Jam is considered to be a preserve that should be chunky because fruit bits are used and not any kind of fluids.

Fact 3 Difference Between Jelly And Jam

To the common people, jelly and jam seem to be the same and it has been found that children are fonder of jelly whereas adults prefer jam. However, there are quite a few differences between jelly and jam. The differences can be divided into three categories namely:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Form of the fruits used in the preparation process
  3. Method of making the products.

Fact 4 The Process Of Making Jelly And Jam

  1. Jelly is made from various types of juices of fruits.
  2. Jam contains crushed fruits. It may be of one type of a combination of various fruits.
  3. When making jelly, the fruits are crushed first and then the juice is strained through a strainer to get the real fruit juice.
  4. Jam does not contain any juices or other liquids but only crushed fruits and sometimes, seeds are also infused in the jam.
  5. The juice of jelly is boiled and pectin and sugar is added to the liquid and allowed to boil. When the liquid becomes thick, crystal-type and can stand on its own, you know that jelly is ready. The pectin reacts with heat and gradually the fruit product becomes thick.
  6. However, both jelly and jam contain pectin. It is a kind of carbohydrate and is a good source of fiber. In combination with sugar and water, this pectin turns thick into a gel consistency. This pectin is found in most of the cell walls of the fruits that are used to make jelly and jam. It is a natural element present in fruits.
  7. Since there are various types of flavors in jelly and fruit jam, the most popular jelly is grape and strawberry jam a favorite of adults.

Jelly and Jam have always been one of the most convenient accompaniments from years unknown and is still loved by all throughout the world.

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