Difference Between Gelato And Ice Cream

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The names of ice creams and gelatos bring a sparkle in the eyes of young ones as well as adults. There is hardly anyone who has not tasted ice creams or gelatos. However, some individuals are forced to stay away from these amazing desserts because of health reasons. However, there are some differences between gelato and ice cream and you can try out the one that suits you the best

Fact 1 What Is Gelato

Gelato is essentially an Italian dessert. Some consider it to be an Italian word for ice cream. Various recipes have come down from the 3rd century and there were differences in how it was prepared in northern and southern Italy. The people in Dolomite in northern Italy used cream, sugar, and fresh milk whereas people in Sicily in southern Italy used water-based gelato and served with fresh fruits. In modern times gelato and ice cream is used interchangeably. But there are quite a lot of differences between them regarding the ingredients, process of making, and also calorie count.

Fact 2 How Is Gelato Prepared

Gelato is prepared with milk and cream but the proportion is not the same as in ice creams. It has more of milk and less of cream. Eggs are sometimes added but not always. The speed at which all the ingredients are churned is slower than ice cream. This means that less air is incorporated in gelato and is therefore denser. Apart from these basic differences, gelato is not served at a very cold temperature. The texture of gelato is soft and silky because of the warm temperature. The real flavor of gelato is retained by using less of cream unlike ice cream. In Café Gelato, real fruits, chocolates, nuts, milk and cream is used in proportionate amounts but not any kinds of syrups. This gives the gelato an edge over ice creams more so because it has less fat and is low in calories too.

Fact 3 How Is Ice Cream Made?

Ice cream is a dessert that is enjoyed by people all over the world. The amazing flavors and combination of fruits, etc. are simply awesome.

Like gelato, ice cream is also made of milk, sugar and cream and egg yolk that is not present in gelato. The amount of cream is more than the proportion used in gelato. Ice cream is a frozen dessert. All the ingredients are first cooked to form the base which is more like custard. Then it is churned or whipped at a high speed to infuse air into it to make it fluffy and at the same time smooth. The volume of the content also increases. But is not done when preparing gelato. Moreover, ice cream is always served frozen so that each scoop stays together and does not melt away. Hence the texture of ice cream remains light, soft and creamy. The fat content in ice cream is more than gelato as more of cream is used in ice cream.

The innumerable flavors infused in ice cream makes it one of the favorite desserts of people around the globe. You will get vanilla, pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, butter-scotch, raspberry, pistachio and many other flavors. Fruits are also added to the favorite ice cream to give you the tutti-frutti flavor.

Fact 4 The Serving Style

Ice cream is always served in a scoop but gelato is served with a spade. This is because the density of the two desserts is different and gelato tastes better when served warm while ice cream tastes yummy when served chilled. Whatever may be the difference between gelato and ice cream, you cannot just have a single spade or a single scoop. You will naturally yearn for more.

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