Benefits of playing table tennis

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The world is divided into 2 kinds of people: The exercise buff and the no exercise lazy one!
While the exercise buffs may bend over backwards to ensure that they get their quota of exercise for the day, my lazy fellow beings may brush it off as simply being “Too much work”.

Well, I come with news to all lethargic beings on this planet. There is a fun way to burn those extra calories without having to do much work. Table tennis!

Confused? Read on, to find out the benefits of playing table tennis!

1. Table tennis as an exercise.
An hour’s play of table tennis helps burn 200-500 calories as per recent research. This sport is thus a great way to lose weight for those who are skeptical about shedding those extra pounds at a gym.

2. It improves hand eye coordination.
Table tennis is a highly fast paced game and requires its players to judge the movement and position of the balls with respect to them at all times and thus helps improve hand eye coordination.

3. Table tennis can be a great stress buster.
Most people who are stressed out after work and the like, choose this sport to take their mind off other stresses. It is indeed a great distraction and the exercise leaves players refreshed after just an hour of playing the game.

4. Table tennis is entertaining for all ages.
Unlike a few sports such as water polo that are not recommended for children and older people, table tennis is one that can be enjoyed by all group ages and is thus one of the favorite sports of all time.

5. It improves reflexes and alertness.
During the course of the game, players have to be completely focused and this helps build their attention capacity. Gradually, reflexes and alertness improves, making the mind sharper than earlier.

6. It keeps the mind working throughout.
Contrary to popular belief, table tennis isn’t just a physical game. This sport requires a lot of planning and strategy. Observing and indentifying an opponent’s weakness while suiting it to your advantage requires careful observation and planning. The mind is thus constantly active and at work.

7. Table tennis is believed to prevent Alzheimer’s at later ages.
Research has found that playing table tennis helps stimulate multiple parts of the brain. This along with the sharpening of the brain is believed to prevent Alzheimer’s and also cure dementia.

8. A sport with lower risks of injury.
Unlike most other sports, playing table tennis offers very low chances of getting hurt. It can be played indoors and requires no special heavy equipment.

9. Table tennis can be played anytime and anywhere.
Being an indoor sport, table tennis does not require large fields or areas of land. The table can be set up anywhere and requires very small space. Further, the table being foldable can be carried to another place if required.

10. It improves sociability through teamwork.
Playing this game with a doubles partner is a great way to bond and make new friends. Though a competitive sport, table tennis is believed to improve sociability among its players.

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