Benefits Of Wine

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Wine, which is the part of our dine today is an ancient beverage derived from the fermentation of grape fruit( Latin name;vitis vinifera).It is a complex mixture of chemical compounds present naturally in some fruits like grapes, mulberry and raspberries which is later on fermented artificially with the help of yeast to form a sweet and sour liquid called Wine. Historical evidences prove that wine has been in use since 6000B.C in America, 5000 B.C in Iran and about 2200 B.C in Egypt. From ancient times wine has been believed to be a healthy drink used to reduce heart problems, labor pain, lethargy and even as a disinfectant.

Wine is of two types-Red wine and White wine respectively. The Red wine consists of skin and seeds of grape fruit which contain Tannin , a chemical compound owing to the red color of wine. While White wine has no Tannin in it. Red wine is supposed to be more beneficial over white wine.

Wine if taken in moderate amount(4 to 7 glasses per week) may be healthy for our body and brain. The benefits of wine are due to the presence of a chemical called Resveratrol in it.Resveratrol is a chemical compound having anti-oxidant properties which is naturally found in some plants. It helps them to fight with the attack of Bacteria and Fungi and also with harmful UV Radiation. This Resveratrol when goes in our body with wine provides a number of benefits to our body.

Consumption of wine increases the level of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in our body.Omega-3 Fatty acids is also present in fish. According to Medical researches done, Omega-3 Fatty Acids is helpful in fighting with Coronary Heart disease. It keeps the heart vessels healthy and fit, maintaining the rhythm and functioning of Heart. A moderate consumption of Red wine protects us from the chances of stroke and other Heart related complexities.

Wine is believed to reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes also. Research conducted on mice proves that consumption of Wine increases the level of the enzyme SIRT1which is crucial for increasing insulin sensitivity in body. Consumption of wine to a moderate amount keeps us away from type-2 Diabetes. In the same way, this beverage also prevents Diabetic Retinopathy in Human Beings. Diabetic Retinopathy is an age related Macular degeneration caused by overgrowth of blood vessels in eyes. Wine helps in making the blood vessels flexible preventing their overgrowth, thus protects Diabetic Retinopathy too.

Wine is also helpful in protecting from harmful UV Radiations. study conducted in Barcelona says, that when these UV Radiations falls on our skin, increases the level of ‘Reactive Oxygen Species’ which oxidizes fats, triggers a change in DNA and increases the activity of harmful enzymes in skin cells. It makes us prone to skin cancer and other alternative lethal skin diseases.Flavonoids found in grapes inhibits the formation of these Reactive Oxygen Species In our skin cells. Thus, preventing us from effect of harmful UV Radiation to a large extent.

Wine has a unique capability of making blood vessels open and flexible.It makes blood vessels elastic. This ensures a good supply of blood to all parts of our body as well as to our Brain. Adequate and easy supply of blood to Brain cells prevents Dementia,a common age related problem in adults.

Research done in Harvard Medical School says that the Procyanin present in wine has anti-ageing properties.Procyanin keeps away depression and other anxiety related problems to a large extent, resulting in a slow Brain decline and brain activities. Wine may be helpful in keeping the Brain healthy and active ensuring an adequate supply of blood to Brain cells.

Study published in Harvard Men’s Health reported deals with relation between consumption of different types of alcoholic beverages and Prostate Cancer. Results of this research identifies that the person consuming wine are at 52%lesser risk of catching Prostate Cancer than the person consuming other alcoholic beverages. Even consumption of 4 to 7 glasses of wine per week protects males from Prostate Cancer. From this study it may be concluded that this drink has one more benefit over other that it has the capability of protecting males from Prostate Cancer.

Apart from all these benefits Wine has some other gains too. It burns fat, helpful in reducing weight. It lowers blood pressure. It reduces the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer .Wine is also effective in regulating the lung, brain and heart activity. It has anti-ageing properties and prevents us from various types of depression, anxieties and other age related issues.

These benefits do not assure that one must start consuming Wine in excess. Excess is never supposed to be beneficial. Pregnant women must not drink Wine. While moderate amount of consumption is prescribed by Doctors, an excess amount of wine may lead to Cardiomyopathy, Arrythmias,Fatty Liver and Cirrhosis.So next time, we must ensure taking only a moderate amount of this Red Coloured Magic Drink to enjoy its long term benefits and gains.

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