Benefits Of Corn

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Corn is a food-grain that contains many essential nutrients that help in protecting and enhancing health in various ways.

Fact 1 About The Plant

Corn is a grain plant. It grows quite high and the leafy stalks produce ears that contain the grains. These grains are known as kernels. A strand of silk is found on the cob of every kernel. This plant was first grown in Central America and Mexico. The kernels are basically white and yellow in color. Nowadays, you will find brown, red, blue and purple kernels also. The most popularly used are the white and yellow kernels which are called “Butter and Sugar Corn” and are grown in various parts of the world today. Corn is now one of the most important and healthiest cereals in many homes.

Fact 2 Essential Elements Present In Corn

Corn is perhaps one of the richest grains containing innumerable nutrients that take of every part of the body both internally and externally. The main nutrients present in corn are namely:

  • Corn provides natural phyto-chemicals.
  • It is a rich source of calories.
  • It is a source of abundant minerals like phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, iron, traces of selenium.
  • Beta-carotene
  • Anti-oxidants and Vitamin A.

Fact 3 Heath Benefits Of Corn

Corn takes care of optimum health issues and fights against some of the diseases that have become quite widespread around the world. Chronic disease, blood related problems, skin, hair, eyes and many other issues are taken care of by nutrition-rich corn. The health benefits of corn that have been proved through research are:

  • It regulates normal growth and helps in weight gain also in certain cases.
  • It has proved to fight effectively against tumors.
  • It helps to maintain normal heart rate.
  • Strengthens the bones because of the presence of calcium.
  • Purple corn is considered to be a scavenge that eliminates cancer-causing free-radicals.
  • The anti-oxidants help in reducing dangerous types of cancer infections and does not affect the healthy cells that lie beside the cancerous cells.
  • Corn prevents Anemia because it is a rich source of vitamins and high level of iron. It thus helps to form new red blood cells.
  • The oil extracted from corn husk is extremely beneficial for lowering LDL cholesterol level because it controls the absorption of cholesterol in the body. Good cholesterol or HDL is important for the body as it reduces chances of cardiac arrests, acts as a cleanser of free radicals and prevents other diseases also. By reducing the LDL level, corn does not lower good cholesterol levels in the human body.
  • Vitamin A present in corn improves immunity strength of the body and helps to fight against diseases like cancer and heart ailments.
  • Corn is a great food that helps to ward off diabetes mellitus. The phytochemicals available in corn, controls the blood sugar level and thereby reduces the chances of fluctuation. This is conducive to a healthy life for most diabetics.
  • Corn also helps in reducing hypertension issues that often lead to high blood pressure and diabetes.

Fact 4 Other Benefits Of Corn

  • Corn is a rich source of Vitamin A which helps to maintain skin health through beta-carotene. It also takes care of mucus membrane and boosts the immunity system.
  • The anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and lycopene in corn helps to fight against UV rays of the sun and increases collagen production effectively. It helps in fighting against skin damages too.
  • Corn starch is good for improving skin quality. Moreover it reduces skin irritation and rashes.
  • Consumption of corn is good for the eyes as it contains minerals and vitamins in sufficient quantities.
  • Corn also takes care of your hair and reduces hair fall issues and dryness.

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