Benefits of Mayonnaise on Hair

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Mayonnaise is a thick creamy white colored sauce that constitutes of ingredients such as oil, egg yolk, lemon juice or vinegar. Mayonnaise is generally considered as an edible item and has been used widely used as an ingredient in continental cuisines. However, many are unaware of the wonders that mayonnaise can do to hair.

Healthy Hair:

Maintaining healthy hair is increasingly becoming difficult due to the numerous reasons such as current environmental situation, physical stress, poor diet and the innumerable styling products and techniques that is being used on our hair. There is always the option of going in for a salon treatment though it is expensive and time consuming it does not give the same desired results to everyone.

Benefits of Mayonnaise on Hair:

Mayonnaise is often considered as a miracle mix for fixing hair problems due to the protein rich egg yolks which adds strength to the hair and the vinegar which helps in maintaining the pH levels of the hair. It is advisable to buy authentic mayonnaise and not the fat free variety. Mayonnaise can also be prepared at home easily.

Helps in hair growth: Mayonnaise constitutes egg yolks and these contain an amino acid and an antioxidant called as L-cysteine. This helps in hair growth as human hair comprises of 18% of the acid and this helps increasing the keratin content of the hair shaft and the density of hair.

Acts as a Moisturizing Agent for Hair: Mayonnaise is often used as a moisturizer for the hair due to its oil content. The soya bean oil in the mayonnaise penetrates deep into the hair, seeps in to the dry hair cells and supplies nutrients thus reducing the dryness of the hair. It is effective on normal or dry, damaged hair. The nutrients which is present in mayonnaise is fat soluble and they dissolve in the oils to condition the hair deeply.

Acts a Sun screen: When applied on the hair mayonnaise forms a protective coating which prevents the harmful rays of the sun from damaging the hair. Also mayonnaise is effective in eliminating the dead cells from the hair paving way for healthy hair.

Repair Damage to Hair Due to Frequent Styling: Using mayonnaise on the hair acts as a preventive barrier from the damage caused by frequent use of styling products and replenishes the damaged hair. Also, mayonnaise contains high levels of protein which fills the gap in the hair strands thus giving a fuller and shiny appearance to your hair in addition reducing the breakage of hair. The lecithin present in the egg yolks of the mayonnaise strengthens the hair.

To Get Rid of Lice in Your Hair: Mayonnaise is now a preferred lice removing product. A liberal amount of mayonnaise applied on the hair suffocates the lice and kills them.

To Get Rid of Dandruff in Your Hair: The sulphur present in the egg yolks in the mayonnaise helps in clearing the dandruff in the hair.


It is almost everyone’s dream to possess healthy hair irrespective of the texture and length of the hair. It is advisable to go in for natural treatments and products which guarantee results to achieve this purpose rather than utilizing costly salon treatments which can sometimes go horribly wrong. It can be clearly understood that a common item such a mayonnaise which is easily available in all the households can be put to a good use for a softer, smoother and shinier hair.

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  1. Essie

    July 23, 2017 5:26 pm

    I was browsing for a GOOD moisturizing conditioner for dry-brittle hair, then I read your article re; mayonnaise a GREAT conditioner for dry-brittle hair, then I remembered “an old school remedy” (for dry hair) that contains no chemicals. I’m headed straight to my frig. Thanks for reminding US about this GREAT, inexpensive Hair Conditioner!


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