Benefits Of Magnetic Bracelets

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A magnet is a natural substance found in the layers of Earth. It is a black colored object in which component atoms get aligned in a unique way to create a specific Magnetic field around it. Magnetic field is responsible for attracting Ferromagnetic substances, like iron, towards a magnet while it repels some metals away from it. This physical phenomenon of Magnet of attraction and repulsion is known as Magnetism.

Magnet had always been present in Earths surface. It is believed that magnet was accidentally discovered some 4000 years ago in Northern Greece. According to common beliefs, a shepherded was herding his sheep near a rocky surface. Suddenly the nails of his shoes got stuck to the rocks nearby. To know the cause of this attraction he dug up the rock and found a black sticky substance in rock. Later on, scientists and researchers discovered that this black matter has the ability to attract iron. This matter was named as Magnet on the name of place Magnesia.

Earlier, people used magnets just as a matter of curiosity because of its power to attract iron and its unique property of pointing in North and South direction always. Later on, our ancestors discovered that magnet is not just a simple matter but it has a power to affect our body. Evidences say, that many ancient civilizations used magnet for curing and drawing out impurities from blood like in Greece, Egyptia, India and Arabia.

In modern culture, we use Magnetic therapy as an alternative treatment form. In magnetic therapy Magnetic Bracelets, nose rings, ear rings and watches are used for healing and curing body parts. All the benefits of magnet owes to its ability to create a magnetic field around it which affects our body parts. It ensures a proper and improved nutrient rich blood circulation in our body parts which helps to relieve us from so many complications. Let’s have a look on benefits of wearing magnetic things like magnetic bracelets on our body.

Helps In Reducing Inflammation

Magnetic bracelets help to reduce inflammation in body. Inflammation is a physical condition in which a part of body is reddened or swells up. It is generally caused by some injury or wound. Magnets work by realigning the magnetic field around the affected body part. It boosts blood circulation to the affected part which leads to deliver not only more nutrients to that part but also helps in the removal of toxins. It helps in removing the stiffness and swelling in the affected part, reducing inflammation.

Quick Healing Of Wounds

Magnetic bracelets also help in quick healing of wounds. Body wounds are marked by lack of Oxygen and poor circulation. Deposition of WBC also occurs in affected area. As magnets increase the blood flow to the affected area, more oxygen may be made available to the wounded area, which delivers more nutrients,removal of toxins and helps in quick healing of wounds.

Reduces Lactic Acid Deposition

Magnetic bracelets help in reducing Lactic Acid deposition in muscles which is the cause of muscles pain. When our body go through heavy exercise, need of energy by our body is increased many folds. Generally our body generates energy aerobically with the help of oxygen. But when we require faster energy generation, muscles generates energy an aerobically. In this process glucose of body is converted into Pyruvate with the process known as Glycolysis.When plenty of oxygen is available this pyruvate shuttles for aerobic pathway for further generation of energy. But in the lack of Oxygen ,Pyruvate is converted into Lactate ,which allows glucose breakdown for energy generation. If the exercises continue for a longer duration, lactate begins to accumulate in our body muscles at a higher rate leading to the pain and cramping. It also increases acidity in body cells. A magnetic bracelet is proved to be effective in reducing this Lactic acid accumulation around the muscles, as it can improve the blood flow around body parts. It also normalizes pH of body cells which is must for proper functioning of body parts.

Positive Effect On Hormone Secretion

Magnetic bracelets also affect secretion of body hormones in a positive way. Hormones are chemical messengers which are secreted into blood by glands. Proper and adequate secretion of these hormones ensures regularity in body functions. Wearing of magnetic bracelets ensures more secretion of Endorphins in our body. Endorphins are small protein molecules secreted by nerve cells of our body. Endorphins are natural pain killer for our body which helps in relieving from pain. An increased level of endorphins helps to relieve pain in natural way.Magnetic bracelets also normalizes level of Melatonin Hormone. This hormone is responsible for normal sleep pattern and body relaxation. In the same way, these bracelets affect endocrine functions. Endocrine glands secrete a number of necessary hormones required by the body. When this secretion is hampered, body functioning is affected in a negative way. Magnetic bracelets are recommended for normalizing the functioning of endocrines, leading to a healthy body.

Helpful In Curing Migration And Body Pains

An interesting thing about magnet is that it has two poles-North Pole and South Pole. On one hand, North Pole has a calming and relaxing effect on body while on the other hand its South Pole has a stimulating effect on body. Facing or touching North Pole above head can alleviate Migration and Headache. In the same way touching the South Pole of magnet to the affected body part stimulates it, when the functioning of that body part is disturbed. This property of magnet can be used for alleviating so many complexities of body including back pain.

Reduction In Calcium Ion Deposition

Not only these. Magnetic bracelets have further positive effects. It helps in healing our nervous tissues. It helps in healing fractured bones as it has the ability to accelerate the migration of Calcium ions. It has been proved that magnetic bracelets can remove excess of calcium ions deposition in body which leads to Hypercalcemia,a Medical condition. According to British Medical Journal, Magnetic bracelets can also help in relieving from Gout and Osteo arthritis in a significant way.

A magnetic bracelet can affect our psychological well being too. Increased blood circulation and more oxygen availability may ensure a relief from anxieties, stress and depression as well as relief from menstrual cravings. Furthermore, one should wear these magnetic things with the help of an expert advice as it may cause dizziness and allergy. Children and pregnant women must use Magnetic bracelets with great caution and care. As a conclusion it can be said that magnetic bracelets have more positive effects than the negative ones.So,lets try one magnetic bracelet today.

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