Benefits of lotus root

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For a very long time, people have used herbs and plants in nature to cure various ailments. Modernization and development soon led to the replacement of natural products by chemicals. These chemicals, in fact, had the same effects as their natural substitutes. This led to a division between the two medications and the advent of “Homeopathy” and “Allopathy”.

As time went by, humans suddenly started revolting against these chemicals they once swore by giving “They’re dangerous!” as their justification to the debate. Why they never thought so earlier, one fails to understand!
While they lost hope in the life saving chemicals they once worshipped, they spiraled back to nature and its products to cure them from their ailments.

Since then, use of natural products have been propagated by many who believe a simple addition of small quantities of the right fruits and vegetables go long way and prove to be more useful than a chemical treatment.
Nelumbo nucifera, or the lotus root is gaining popularity for its multifunctional properties. Here are a few benefits of the lotus root.

1. Lotus root helps in wound healing.
The wound healing property of the lotus root is made use of extensively owing to its use as natural medicine. The lotus root prevents inflammatory reactions and also acts as an antiseptic by cleaning the affected area.

2. It helps in proper functioning of nerves and muscles.

Muscles and nerves do their excessive use every day may get worn out quickly. The lotus root consists of vitamins and minerals that help enrich muscles and nerves and improve mental health. This property is mainly due to pyroxidine that is present in lotus root.

3. Lotus root regulates blood pressure and heart rate.

Lotus root has an adequate amount of potassium contained in it that adds to its nutritional value. This potassium content maintains electrolytic balance in the body necessary for good blood pressure and heart rate.

4. Lotus root cures respiratory diseases.
Lotus root is extremely helpful in removing excess mucus from the lungs. For this reason, this herb is used extensively in lung detoxification. It helps give relief from respiratory diseases such as asthma.

5. The root helps in digestion of food.
Lotus root is especially helpful in secreting fluids that help in digestion. It is especially useful in digesting complex carbohydrates. It is perhaps for this reason that the Chinese add lotus root to the tea they have before a meal.

6. It helps in maintaining weight and fitness.
The herb is highly fibrous and low in calories. When consumed, it can be very filling and thus prevents a person overeating. Another major advantage of the herb is the mineral and vitamin content present in it.

7. Lotus root is used to keep the body cool.
The lotus root in many parts of the world Is used to treat fever. This is probably due to its ability to lower body temperature. It is for this reason that most people include lotus root in their daily meals, especially in places with hotter climatic conditions such as India.

8. Lotus root helps clear bowel and relieves constipation.
This herb is a rich source of fiber. When ingested, the fiber content in it, helps clear the bowel and hence treat cases of constipation.

9. The herb is rich in vitamin A.
Apart from being a rich source of Potassium, Fiber and Vitamin C, lotus root also has high contents of Vitamin A in it. Frequent intake of this herb thus improves eyesight and helps in hair growth.

10. Lotus root is used to treat anemia.

Minerals like copper, iron and zinc present in lotus root help in the production of red blood cells. It is thus an extremely effective treatment for patients who have anemia.

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