Beauty Tips For Nails

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Beautiful hands is a woman’s pride. Long, artistic fingers with well-shaped pink nails are not only the perceiver’s delight but is also the mirror of a woman’s sense of hygiene and style. The nails of both the hands and feet need special care that grow quite fast without us knowing it.

Fact 1 How The Nails Are Damaged

Before knowing how to take care of the nails as a part of beauty regimen, it is important to know the various damages caused to nails and why do such things happen. Nails may get damaged in various ways like:

  • Bad habits of biting nails and cuticles.
  • Lack of nutrients especially proteins and calcium in the body affects nail growth and quality as well. The opaque white lines on the nails is caused by protein deficiency. They become brittle and break off easily.
  • Harsh detergents often damage the skin on the hands and also the nails too.
  • When the nails are used to perform certain activities like removing dirt forcefully. Nails often break off or are damaged in the process.

Fact 2 Preventive Methods Of Nail Breakage and Damages To The Nails

1. In place of nail cutters and nail files, emery paper is best for shaping the nails.

2. Like the hands, your nails have to be moisturized regularly to keep them hydrated and soft. The Vitamin E content of moisturizers, help in collagen production that keeps the nails healthy.

3. The toe nails must be trimmed straight to avoid splitting of nails and chances of infection and ingrown nails that are extremely painful.

4. The best way to keep your hands and nails clean and soft is to wear a pair of gloves when gardening and washing. Detergents may cause harm to the nails as they contain chemicals. It is for the same reason, avoid using nail polish removers too often. It makes the nails brittle.

Fact 3 Maintaining The Cuticles

The cuticle is the base from where the nail grows. So these areas must be taken care of well by keeping them moist and hydrated. Like the skin, the nails too need hydration and carrot juice is an efficient nutrition for healthy nails.

Fact 4 Dealing With Nail Problems

Nail infections should be treated immediately. However, the toe nails are mostly affected by fungal infections and using good quality mild soap and moisturizers are essential for reducing infections. Olive oil works well in such cases.

Fact 5 How To Get Pretty Nails

Some of the natural products that are readily available at stores and can be stored at home are apple cider, olive oil, lemon, mustard oil and sea salt. Dip the hands and feet in water mixed with any of the ingredients and dap them dry. The health of the nails of both the hands and feet will surely improve. Lemon juice removes stain and brightens the nails. Massaging the nails with mustard oil improves blood regulation that makes the nails stronger, healthier and more beautiful.

Fact 6 Love Your Hands And Feet

By taking care of your hands and feet you take care of your nails too. Attractive nails add beauty to your personality. They portray your sense of beauty and style. So if you wish to keep your nails simply beautiful and healthy, either visit the salons at regular intervals for a manicure and pedicure session where the professionals will be grooming, trimming, buffing and also using nail paints to decorate them. Or else you can try out all home-remedies and beauty tips to maintain your nails. Using organic products has always been effective in dealing with all types of skin and mail problems. They keep the nails healthy, reduce infections, cracks and chips and give you are more beautiful looking nails.

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