10 Crazy Cool Benefits Of Chewing Gum

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Whether in stick form, powder, pellet, ball, or string form, chewing gum is a definite favorite when it comes down to fun, light, and no fuss snacks to get you through the day. From flavors such as spearmint to brand new concoctions like cinnamon, everyone is sure to find their favorite one. Chewing gum is a soft, cohesive chewable substance that is only meant for chewing and not swallowing. It’s sweet flavor often paired together with mint makes it the go-to convenience store quick by when you’re looking for something sweet and minty to munch on. However, chewing gum isn’t only just to pass the time or get your breath smelling fresh. Here are 10 crazy cool benefits you can get from chewing gum. Enjoy!

Fact 1: Chewing on some of your favorite gum has some pretty amazing cognitive effects! Studies have shown that gum showing improves your memory. Yes, ladies and gents, gum chewing! This is because continuous chewing or moving our jaws greatly affects the hippocampus, the part of our brain that is important for storing memory. Chewing gum is also responsible for increasing our body’s glucose level, which is mind and body fuel. Chewing on some gum produces more oxygen, glucose, and the disposal of more CO2, which is the perfect equation to a great memory.

Fact 2: Feeling a little wigged out? Try chewing on some gum. It’s the sweeter and much more enjoyable alternative to all those over the counter pills we use for stress. Chewing on some gum during stressful situations such as tests help increase alertness and concentration. It’s also a terrific way to reduce tension, as the chewing sensation and sugar help you release all that pent up nervous energy.

Fact 3: When you chew on some gum, you’re actually improving the blood flow to your brain. No wonder it’s great for cognitive powers. The increased heart improves the circulation of oxygen throughout the body, most especially the brain. The act of chewing actually speeds up our heart rate by 25 – 40 percent; getting our blood pressure at just the right level to wake up both left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Fact 4: Chewing gum is an inexpensive and low calorie snack that you need to help whip yourself into shape. Studies show that people who snack on chewing gum consume far less calories than those who don’t. Both sugar free and regular chewing gum help do the trick, going as far as reducing cravings too. Isn’t chewing gum a beautiful thing?

Fact 5: Gum chewing helps with your digestion too! Chewing on a couple of sticks is great for improving your intestinal motility. Chewing on some gum also improves saliva flow, which in turn promotes more swallowing. Chewing on gum also prevents the nasty reflux of acid from the stomach back into the throat.

Fact 6: In case you were wondering, no, chewing gum doesn’t give you any cavities or tooth decay. In fact, chewing gum is great for improving your oral health! Chewing gum helps produce more saliva, which is responsible for protecting your oral cavity and keeping everything clean and strong. The high concentration of buffers, minerals, and antibacterial components found in the saliva helps flush out all of the sugar and tooth decay causing elements found inside your mouth. Is there anything this super snack can’t do?

Fact 7: Feeling a little sleepy? Chewing on some gum will help you feel all perked up! Chewing on gum not only helps you feel more relaxed, concentrated, and alert, but the chewing sensation keeps you awake. An added bonus: chewing gum that contains xylitol in them don’t raise blood sugar levels.

Fact 8: Chewing gum helps you get into a better mood! A survey conducted with college students showed that those who chewed gum for a time during the day ended up having a better time than the ones who didn’t.

Fact 9: Chewing gum before a meal is great for reducing your calorie intake! Aside from being a good way to cut back cravings of sweets, chewing gum is also a great way to curb hunger and help you shed those pounds.

Fact 10: There are chewing gums flavored after our favorite desserts! Move over, Peppermint and Spearmint, but Mint Chocolate Chip chewing gum and Cinnamon Apple Pie chewing gum have just made it on our Must Try lists.

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