10 Amazing Tips That Will Help You Get Rid Of Blackheads

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We don’t know which is worse between a nasty pimple and a blackhead, but we do know for certain that we both hate ‘em and can’t wait to get rid of ‘em! Just as pesky as pimples, blackheads are the pores filled with our skin debris, bacteria, and sebum. The hardened, deep seated dirt is dark in color and is a nightmare to look at. Blackheads may grow and harden over time, damaging your skin, casing rough bumps along the surface of your face, and causing enlarged pores. The areas of our face that are prone to having blackheads are the nose, cheek, and chin area. Fortunately, the world of Beauty has concocted countless solutions to help us get rid of blackheads for good. We’ve rounded up the top 10 tips to help you along. You’re welcome.

Fact 1: And God gave man a blackhead extractor. Yes, it sounds all Mad Scientist-y, but trust us, this tool is a gem! A blackhead extractor is a tool that has two ends; a loop on one end and a sharp needle on the other. The two tips are used to prod and pick out all the deep seated dirty that is clogging our pores. Blackhead extractors are best used after you’d rubbed a warm wash cloth over your skin for 5 minutes. One your pores have opened up, start running the loop over the blackhead, giving it a good press. You’ll have baby smooth skin in a jiffy!

Fact 2: Sometimes the best remedies for blackheads can be found right in your kitchen! If you have a pack of gelatin lying around the house, take two tablespoons and throw in one table spoon of milk. Put the mixture in a saucepan and wait until the gelatin has dissolved. Let it cool for a bit and afterwards, spread it all over your face. Let it stay on for about 30 minutes before peeling it off. Viola!

Fact 3: Honey has been a staple in health and beauty concoctions since time immemorial, and for good reason too: this all natural remedy is inexpensive and super effective. Honey has been known to help aid in the extraction of blackheads, soothing damaged skin, and keeping our skin moisturized and supple. Massage an ample amount of honey onto your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse off and feel the difference.

Fact 4. When you mix together one table spoon of honey, baking soda, water, and granulated sugar into a bowl, you have a batch of anti-blackhead facial scrub just begging to be used. The mixture if perfect for exfoliating your skin, getting rid of all that deep seated dirt while keeping your skin clear and soft. Who needs to spend thousands on those big fancy brands?

Fact 5. Rubbing lemon onto your skin is an oldie but goodie. Because the fruit is a natural astringent, it clears up your skin and gets rid of blackheads without a sweat. Rubbing lemon juice in the evening and washing it off the morning you wake up will give your clearer, brighter skin. Because lemon juice can be drying, follow up with a good moisturizer.

Fact 6.
When looking for a product that you can use to get rid of blackheads, activated charcoal is always a good idea. Products that have activated charcoal in them are great for sucking out all of the impurities. Opt for facial washes and facial masks with this ingredient.

Fact 7. Swing by your fridge and pick out an egg! Yes, an egg! Separate the yolk and set it aside. With the egg whites, whisk until frothy. With your clean fingers, rub the egg white onto your skin and leave it on for 15 minutes or until hard. Then wash it off. You can even use the egg yolk as a moisturizer afterwards!
8. Here’s an interesting fact! Good old Elmer’s glue can be used as a pretty nifty blackhead remover too! Spread the glue evenly onto your skin and let it dry. Afterwards, peel away! Try not to look at the gross bits stuck onto the dried glue when you’re done.

Fact 9.
Using products enriched with Salicylic Acid is great for clearing up your skin in no time! Keep that in mind the next time you head to the mall. Perfect for sensitive or dry skin, you’ll be sure to get the clear skin minus the damage.

Fact 10.
Cinnamon smells good, tastes good, and clears up your skin good too! A teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of the cinnamon when formed into a paste and left on your skin overnight will do wonders (and smell delicious).

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