10 Amazing Benefits You Can Get From Exercising

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We’ve all heard the usual rules to live by ever since we were younger; eat your vegetables, brush your teeth, don’t forget to wash behind the ears. But something that should be kept in mind is the significance of exercise. With a ton of benefits you can reap, exercise is the most natural and effective way to get yourself in tip top shape. Don’t opt for chemical and surgical alternatives and the like, and the revel in the magic of good old hard work, pain, sweat, and #gainz. To help you understand just how great exercise is, here are 10 amazing benefits you can get from exercising jotted down for you!

Fact 1: Exercising is G-R-E-A-T for people who not only want a fit and healthy lifestyle, but is itching to shed a couple of pounds too! Because exercising has you using up all that oxygen, all that stored fat is burned. Having an active lifestyle helps you maintain your desired weight. Exercise is also great for muscle strengthening and definition, bones of steel, a great complexion, lowering your heart rate, and making you happier!

Fact 2: People who engage in exercise and other forms of regular physical activity have lowered their risk of getting coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, osteoarthritis, hip fracture, depression, and dementia to name a few.

Fact 3: Exercising improves muscle strength and your endurance; helping you fight off fatigue better and making you last longer during strenuous activities. The oxygen transports nutrients to our muscle tissues when we exercise, improving our cardiovascular system and giving us that energy boost we need to last the whole day.

Fact 4: Regular exercise is perfect for blowing off some steam from school or work. Heading to the gym for a quick workout session or heading out of the house for a quick run is a sure fire way to lessen your stress. Exercise has been proven to improve our mental health and helps manage stress relief. When we exercise, we increase the production of norepinephrine in our bodies; a chemical that reduces stress.

Fact 5: Exercising not only boosts your energy, but it boosts your immune system too. Say good bye to all those pesky colds and other infections! Not only are you stronger against diseases, but your body is conditioned to help you bounce back from injuries quicker too.

Fact 6: Exercising makes you pretty…wait what? If you look past the flush and sweat, you’ll realize that your complexion just got a whole lot better. In fact, you actually look younger! This is because when exercising, the oxygen you inhale delivers a fresh batch of oxygen- nutrients that your body loves. The oxygen boosts the body’s natural production of collagen, the connective tissue responsible for plump, firm, skin and that coveted glow.

Fact 7: Exercising prevents cognitive decline. Yes, ladies and gents! Exercise makes you smarter. You’ll notice by now that good circulation is something our bodies love. When we exercise, we boost the blood flow in our brains, helping it receive all the good nutrients. The fitter we are, the faster we can activate our brainwaves. Exercising improves quick thinking.

Fact 8: Exercise can help control addiction! More importantly, they aid in its recovery. Vigorous exercise can help distract the druggies or alcoholics, making them forget or at least de-prioritize cravings. Eventually, these cravings will decrease over time. Exercise is a great way to flush out all those toxins from your body too.

Fact 9: Having trouble sleeping? Exercise just might be the solution to your problems. Even a quick gym session or a few laps around the track can help you getting back on the right track- health and sleep wise. After a good workout, your body will seek a good night’s sleep to rest up and recover from the strenuous activities. You’ll find yourself sleeping better in no time.

Fact 10: Studies show that after a heart-pumping work out at the gym, creativity is enhanced for up to two hours after the work out. Get ready to bust out those coloring pencils or cook up your next sales pitch!

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