Ten Famous World Records Made Possible By Tragedy and Disaster

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We’ve all braved tragedies and accidents, nevertheless minor or traumatic, at least once in the course of our life. These accidents do leave us awe-struck for days and months’¦ however, as time is the best healer, we forget about them and move on. However, there are lucky few, who have survived the most disastrous accidents, a human body can bear. Their bizarre accidents have made it to the world’s record book for being the world’s luckiest people to have survived the most deplorable accident in the history of humanity.

1. Christopher Wall, survivor of Ectopia Cordis

When Christopher’s mother conceived him, least did she know that she would be the rarest of the rare mother to nurture a baby with a heart pumping outside his chest cavity, inside her womb. This condition, in medical terms is called Ectopia Cordis. This condition is developed during the pre-natal stages and has a very high fatality rate. Much to the doctor’s surprise, this kid, Christopher not only survived this rare medical condition, but has also grown up to become a young teen-aged boy.

2. Donald Campbell, survivor of world’s worst car crash

Donald rose to fame by breaking 8 world records in fast track racing, on water and land, with his lucky car, Bluebird. When the world was expecting another record from this ace driver, he met a tragic accident which crashed his precious car and his dream to become the best driver in the world. At the speed of 360 MPH, his car flipped and crashed into an unrecognizable shape. Despite this terrible accident, Donald only incurred a few cuts and bruises.

3. William Lawlis Pace, survivor of a bullet shot

Married, a sports freak, a globe trotter, has children and leads a comfortable life as a retired man watching his grandchildren grow’¦ believe it or not, this is the story of a man who has survived a bullet shot for 94 years. William was merely eight years old when his brother, in a play spree, accidently shot a bullet right into his head with his father’s .22 gun. The shot left him blind from one eye and deaf from one of his ears.

4. Tony Yarijanian, survivor of a massive explosion with a dryer

This Armenian immigrant and a business tycoon, succumbed to his tragic fate with his mundane act of turning on his dryer which took the shape of a huge explosion. On the unfortunate day of the accident, he paid a visit to his regular salon to get some cleaning. His only mistake was his sheer ignorance about the liquid which kept leaking into the cleansing room. This liquid was leaking from a gas station at the salon which triggered an uncontrollable explosion on turning on the switch of the dryer. Tony survived 3rd degree burns all over his body.

5. Edwarda O’Bara, passed away after 42 years in coma

She was a teenager when she discovered that was reeling under acute diabetes. In 1970, she slipped into the state of coma, only to pass away after a tiring period of 42 years. The blessed lady had almost her entire community by her side to shower her with gifts and get-well-soon prayers. Her sister and mother would pay a visit every day, only to pray for her speedy recovery. Unfortunately, she lost her life in November 2012 at the age of 59.

6. Sally Mae Wallace, survivor of the longest tape worm

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As the most outrageous operation conducted in the history of medical science, Sally Mae Wallace was surgically ridden off a tapeworm measuring 37 foot. The worm was taken out of her mouth, right from her intestines, while she was in her senses. In today’s era of laser and needle free operations, Wallace’s beastly operation is indeed a shocker.

7. James Scott, survivor of the longest starvation period

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Least did James know that his route to Gosainkund towards the Himalayas would be the longest and the most food depriving one. On his way, he got lost and got trapped with nothing visible for miles, except for snow. His excruciating journey lasted for 43 days, trapped and nothing more than caterpillars and snow to satiate his hunger pangs. The onus of his miraculous survival was given to his well disciplined mind and control over his physiological needs, until he finally found a way out.

8. Leslie Hackwell, survivor of 32 heart attacks

Leslie woke up that unfortunate morning only to incur a bout of heart attacks in a series. This teetotaler and a non-smoker got the shock of his life when he realized that he had heart attacks, and not just one, but multiple in a row, a condition which is not only rarest of the rare but also unexpected of Leslie to succumb. The doctors blame the injection of the anti-clogging drug into his body which triggered the artery to open and close in just a matter of few minutes, thereby causing the heart to palpitate unusually.

9. Wazir Muhammand, survivor of the heaviest stone in the kidney

They say a stone in the kidney causes the quantum of pain comparable to childbirth. This gentleman, Wazir Muhammad from Pakistan, bore the pain of carrying the heaviest stone, weighing around 21.87 ounces and measuring 9.2 inches, in his kidney. For those who can’t imagine the size, imagine two baseballs held together and you’ll get the approximate measurement of his stone.

10. Vall d’Hebron, survivor of the complete face transplant

On March 20th of the year 2010, expert doctors of Barcelona performed the most critical and first ever full face transplant of the gentleman named Vall d’Hebron that made history. The man whose real identity was disclosed later, met with a disastrous accident in the year 2005. The accident ruined his entire face to an unrecognizable figure. For undergoing his transplant surgery, he was admitted for several months in the hospital to be operated by team of thirty professional doctors and cosmetologists to resurrect his face with new facial features.

These accidents are extremely bizarre and nerve racking. However, lucky were the ones who survived them, emerged victorious and are now leading a normal life just like others!

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