Ten Famous Notable Lawmakers Who Changed the World

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We often preach our children to keep themselves miles away from jurists, advocates and lawmakers. This fear of the legal pillars and law-keepers of the nation emanates from the basic fact that they deal with criminals, filthy politicians and law transgressors to make a living for themselves. They are believed to have devious mind which seeks unscrupulous ways to give weight to their arguments in the court of law. However, it is unjust to generalize all the law keepers as devious and overlook their philanthropic efforts to reinforce law and peace in the society. Kick the stereotype and one will realize that the law makers are the most law abiding citizens of the country, struggling towards meeting justice to their natives.

Here are the most famous ten lawmakers whose incredible contribution towards mankind has shattered the above prejudiced belief totally.

1. Paul Johann Anselm Ritter von Feuerbach

Paul, better known for his inspiring quote, ‘innocent until proven guilty’ created history for the world to follow in the legal arena with his revolutionary changes. His legal urge to treat the accused like any other law abiding citizen, until his crime was proven, indeed brought a breather for all those who were prosecuted mistakenly. Feuerbach is often revered as the father figure for spearheading some of the most revolutionary changes in the Criminal Law.

2. Edouard Rene Lefebvre de Laboulaye

Edouard, the man who fathered the idea of Statue of Liberty in America, is an exemplary figure scripted in almost every book related to law. More than his historic cases, he earned a reputation world-wide for commissioning Bartholdi, a French architect, to build the beautiful Statue of Liberty. He became a significant figure for his liberal ideas and unbeatable expertise at the Comparative Law. A distinguished exponent of the American Law, he was invited as an eminent guest lecturer in numerous the-then legal colleges.

3. Lycurgus of Sparta

This legendary emperor, known for his incredible eye for justice, was revered and loved by the Spartans during 800 BC. His reformations in the legal system of Sparta serve as an ideal model for the contemporary students of law to follow. Some of his most notable contributions include, legal amendments in the education system for both boys and girls, an absolute ban on the procurement and usage of silver and gold coins so as to ease their mobility and teaching of war techniques to children right from their tender age.

4. Hammurabi

Though Hammurabi has no prestigious qualifications and certificates pertaining to law, yet his reforms and contributions were treated as irrevocable and unquestionable in the field of law. This prestigious king of Babylon was the epitome of power and justice in the entire Mesopotamia. He seeped in ripples of revolution in the world with his first ever recorded codes of legal amendments in the history.

5. Hugo Grotius

His promoted rules and laws transcended the differences of border and nations, as they intended to procure justice for every human, nevertheless his caste or sex. His codes of international law did the impossible to bring the nations close and mutually solve their legal discords in the most amicable way. No wonder, he is still today addressed as the Father of International law. His works and contributions in the field of law reflect inspirations from esteemed philosophers like Socrates.

6. Cesare Beccaria

It is believed that before Beccaria’s remarkable inputs in the Criminal Law, law was exploited as an authorized weapon to abuse the poor and the defenseless. His modern laws effectively curbed the brutal intentions of the church authorities and the local heirs, which were considered worse than the pitiless acts of a criminal. For the same, he has been acknowledged world over for his incredible reforms in the Criminal Law and often held solely responsible for making them more human. In fact, his book by the name ‘On Crimes and Punishments’ stormed the world by his revolutionary ideas of banning death penalties and influenced the greatest writers our history has ever witnessed like Voltaire.

7. Draco

Draco is admired world-over for his Codes of Law documented for the first time in the history. It is because of this reason that he holds an eminent place in the history of law. He is acknowledged for being the first man ever to write the codes of law pertaining to the state. His strict adherence to rules and regulations and the highs in professional career revered him to the position of an ideal lawmaker in the eyes of his countrymen. His laws are better known as the Draconian Laws and have earned the reputation for being strict.

8. Cicero

Cicero, a great scholar, philosopher and an ideal jurist changed the scenario of The Classic Roman laws with his revolutionary inputs and changes. Owing to his inspiring writings related to the field of law, philosophy and history, he is till today known as the Latin Prose of the world. His speeches, records, books, and technological records still remain an asset for any young enthusiast hailing from the legal background.

9. Jean Jacques Regis de Cambaceres

He formed the basis of the ancient French Civil law with his unique Napoleonic Code. These legal acts mentioned in the code later served as the framework for writing rules pertaining to the Civil Law which was later followed by most of the Western and European countries. His personality exuded strength and power, so much so, that he openly declared in front of the world, without bearing any qualms, that he was a homosexual.

10. Solon

This Athenian legal upholder and jurist served as a source of inspiration for many revered lawmakers operating in the ancient world. He made the contribution of the century by changing the stifling Draconian laws with his amendments. The Athenian democracy stands erect on the basis of his amendments and reforms in the Draconian laws. His contributions and treatment of law as a subject that demands in-depth and detailed study, like Science, made him the father of Western Law.

These were the ten most honored lawmakers, each one of them distinguished for their notable contributions in the field of law.

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