Ten Famous Animal Photographers

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Photographing some of the most breathtaking visuals of nature is inspiring for us humans. After all, most of us learn to acknowledge the beauty of our god gifted flora and fauna through photographs captured by wild life photographers. Though the world has witnessed an array of wild life photographers come and go, there are a few whose exquisite work simply refuses to budge from our memory. These are the world famous photographers with some of their most awe-inspiring and enlightening photographs on animals. Here are ten most popular wild life photographers to have won international acclamation for their work.

1. Andy Rouse

His captured photographs serve as a source of inspiration for many youngsters following his footsteps. This genius has been famed for capturing precious moments and some of the most unknown and encompassing poses of the wild animals. His credible work has won him various fames and acknowledgements, especially the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award for good nine times in a row.

2. Sally Anne Thompson

Followers and fans of Sally often tag her as a ‘born photographer’. It is her deep-rooted love for photography and animals that sets her apart from her contemporaries and makes her work sheer bliss to watch. Her striking and unique animal images have set a standard for the newbies in this profession to match. With her long-spanned career of over fifty years, she has witnessed rejections and sheer failure for the uniqueness of her profession. Nevertheless, with her unrelenting spirit and passion for excellence, she has carved a niche in capturing the most endearing photographs of the most adored animals, cats, horses and dogs.

3. Peter Chadwick

A true proponent of a balanced ecosystem and green world, his firm belief is reflective in each one of his photographs. His exceptional contributions in wild life photography have won him the fame of a conservative and international photographer. The interplay between nature and the wild animals has been beautifully captured in all his photographs. His clicks have been included in the African Conservation Photography Images.

4. Laurie Campbell

Campbell, a pioneer in landscape and natural history photography has a collection of over of 120,000 pictures in his gallery. The best aspect is that each one of his photographs is unique and explicit of the nature and wildlife in its best. This Scottish photographer has a unique understanding and a knack for nature, which no other can beat! His extensive coverage of the rare and nearly extinct species, especially the golden eagle, has literally taken wild life photography to a high, like never before.

5. Guy Edwardes

A professional landscape photographer, a wildlife photography expert, he has today become the premiere choice for captivating some of the most heart-warming images of animals for promoting global issues. No wonder most of the green earth and animal protection campaigns formalized on international scale carry some of the most exclusive pictures taken by him. This photographer, hailing from South West England owns his image gallery with more than 150,000 images.

6. John Gardner

John, a Yorkshire based wildlife photographer is a thorough naturalist. His passion for wildlife and unveiling the beauty of nature, has taken him to diverse places around the world. His tryst with the wildlife in China, North Africa, India and the entire North America has been well captured in form of pictures. He is honored as a guest lecturer and an eminent speaker for many photography schools all over the world.

7. Dave Watts

Dave is a well sought-after and a leading wild life photographer in Australia. As a youngster, he nurtured love for his profession owing to his job as a forester. He pursued a career with the Forestry Commission of Britain for a period of ten years. Following the job, he was determined to mater his expertise at photographing animals in their most wild avatar. He has shared his experiences in his self-authored books like Australia’s Spectacular Wildlife, Tasmanian Mammals, a Field Guide and more.

8. Nick Brandt

Nick is one photographer who has been credited for capturing the raw beauty of Africa’s untamed wildlife. This video director turned photographer, fell for the incomparable beauty of Africa’s animals while shooting for the music video of Michal Jackson’s Earth song. While the video turned out to be the decade’s super hit video, Nick’s love for animals charted the course of a new career, that of a wildlife photographer.

9. Sharon Montrose

Sharon has become competent at the unusual yet miraculous art of beautifying animals as objects of adornment. Her impressive portfolios on dogs and cats are notably beautified and absorb you to observe her work for hours. Her clients include from the likes of Warner Brothers to Harper Collins. Her series, Little Darlings, comprising of pictures of baby animals, especially the bear cub, has been acknowledged with international fame and appreciation. She even owns a shop housed with animal prints. These prints have close-up shots of some of the cutest animals on tees and sundry items.

10. Ron Schmidt

He is the guy who has caught dogs in some of their wittiest poses. Visit his online showroom, Loose Leashes, and you’ll be amazed to see dogs in some of the funniest poses ever. He works on a freelance basis, along with his wife, who is an animal enthusiast too. The couple works dedicatedly to catch the dogs in some of their most clandestine moments and put them up for display for their viewers’ delight. He is also actively participating in the welfare schemes of dogs and donates a portion of his sale to support the cause of animals.

Some are hilarious, some are flabbergasting, whereas some pictures capture the innocence of their being’¦ these pictures of wild life animals taken by some of the most celebrated wild life photographers are treasures for humanity to cherish. It is these photographers who have elevated the status of animals and uplifted their being to eminence for humans. We salute them for their unrelenting efforts in the past and undeterred passion for animals that keeps them capturing more animals in their best natural poses!

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