Famous Characters Needed For A Batman Versus Superman Movie

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Announced in 2013 after the worldwide release of Dark Knight Rises featuring Christian Bale in his final outing as The Caped Crusader, and with Henry Cavill making his first appearance as The Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman is set for release in 2016. Bale will not reprise his role as the Caped Crusader and Ben Affleck will play the role instead. Man of Steel teased fans with images of satellites with Wayne Enterprises emblazoned on their hulls and this sparked rumours of a joint venture. In April 2014, the makers announced that a Justice League film would follow ‘ pending the success of the film

1. Wonder Woman

wonder women

With so many projects falling through over the last few years, many fans feel it is time that the original kick-ass female superhero got her own film once more. There was some talk of Morena Baccarin around ten years ago and then in 2011 Adrienne Palicki starred in a not very well received TV movie that in the end, never went to air (it was supposed to be the pilot for a new series). Wonder Woman will appear and she may just provide the antidote to the testosterone overdose of the DC Comics two most-manly of male superheroes.

2. Vicki Vale


Played excellently by Kim Basinger in the first Burton Batman, the on-the-ground reporter did not feature in the Nolan films but had a major supporting role in the hit video game Arkham City (at one point Batman must save her from the snipers on the building around her). She may be the perfect character against which the mighty feud plays as she seeks to pitch each man against each other or to grab the exclusive that will make her world famous. Vale has featured in many of the Batman comics and in some cases, has been a love interest for Bruce Wayne

3. Deathstroke


One of the least-known characters from the DC Comics, at least to the casual reader, came to prominence in 2013’s Arkham Origins video game. Described as a supervillain and antihero, he is an assassin and mercenary who is (in the game) hired by Black Mask / The Joker to kill Batman. At the end, he is left in the cell and is made an offer he can’t refuse. In December 2013 it was announced that he too would get his own film, fuelling the possibility that he may appear in this film beforehand. Deathstroke has also appeared in a number of X-Men comics

4. Lex Luthor


Superman’s nemesis does not have superpowers yet he is the one that The Man of Steel has persistently struggled to defeat throughout the history of his story. Politically manipulative, he knows how to turn the world against Superman and discovers the effect that kryptonite has on his powers. A deadly alliance may eventually bring Superman and Batman together, which brings us onto the legacy of Batman’s greatest nemesis’¦

5. Harley Quinn


With Heath Ledger’s superb portrayal of The Joker now apparently retired from this version of the franchise out of respect, DC Comics have the perfect opportunity to introduce Joker’s deranged female sidekick into the mix. As a popular character in the Arkham games on Xbox and Playstation, it may be the right time to introduce her to a high-profile film version and maybe even to team up with Lex Luthor in a deadly alliance taking over the world while Superman and Batman fight amongst themselves and finally come together at the end

6. Commissioner Gordon


Where Batman goes, Commissioner James Gordon is sure to be. It is unlikely that he will not appear but an announcement is still pending on casting. It is unlikely that Gary Oldman will reprise the role, especially as Jeremy Irons and not Michael Caine will play Alfred in the new production. Expect fans to clamour for an announcement, as separating Gordon from Wayne is just as unthinkable as separating Superman from Lois Lane is.

7. Catwoman


Since Michelle Pfeiffer added great depth to the villainess / antiheroine in Batman Returns, her character has gone from merely a sex kitten to one of the most favourite characters in the Batman franchise. Always loyal only to herself, Kyle (played by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises), took this one step further. With the actress’ portrayal handed critical and popular acclaim, nobody is going to object to more screen time for the actress

8. Metallo


Using a kryptonite power source, this human cyborg is one of the deadliest foes for Superman. What may be an interesting twist is if the technology he uses is the product of Wayne Enterprises, considering that the satellites seen in Man of Steel had the Wayne Enterprises logo on them. This would create an interesting crossover and maybe even in part fuel the conflict between the two heroes

9. Lois Lane


If Batman is nothing without Commissioner Gordon, then Superman is nothing without Lois Lane and with Amy Adams playing the role so well in Man of Steel, it is unlikely that this character will be omitted either. There may only be room for one reporter in the film and it is likely that that role will go to Lane rather than Vicki Vale. Still, the conflict between two female reporters desperate for their scoop may play well against the backdrop of Batman Vs Superman

10. The Riddler


One potential plot twist could be that The Riddler, using his vast intellect, has figured out the identities of both men. He could threaten to reveal them both to the world if they do not comply with his demands. This could be the catalyst that brings both men together in the first place and fuel the mistrust as Riddler plays both men off against each other


Following the success of Avengers Assemble, it is hardly surprising that a Justice League film was going to follow, especially as Christopher Nolan experienced so much success with Batman. A successful Superman film in 2013 finally green-lit the joint project and now, we can look forward to a full Justice League film a few years later. Fans may grumble about the casting of Affleck as Batman and not Christian Bale but they it is likely to be a commercial success anyway

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