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When asked about how many books have been published throughout history, no expert can give a definite answer for this question. True enough to say that to be included in the list of popular books is a priceless honor and of course a transitory blaze of glory to the authors. What more can we expect when by virtue of popularity a book is adapted on the wide screen? Here’s a sneak of ten popular books which film makers set eyes on:


Lord of the Rings

‘The Lord of the Rings’, a three volume fantasy adventure epic authored by J.R.R. Tolkien has acquired what is in all truth a justified air of victory as it is the second best selling novel ever written with over 150 million copies sold. This highly praised novel is a cliff hanging trilogy, namely, ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’, ‘The Two Towers and the Return of the King. It elicits an indulgent escape from reality and takes the readers to the fictitious world of Middle Earth. Indulgently mindset to destroy the ‘One Ring’ the weapon of evil, Frodo Baggins, the young hobbit vigilantly surpasses all the terrifying obstacles and dark forces. The One Ring is bound to be returned to Mordor, the only place where it can be destroyed; unfortunately this place is also the Dark Lord’s lair. The search is a never-ending maze as the One Ring has the mind power to transfer from one owner to another and the Dark Lord’s wrath continues to destroy the Middle-Earth. Not surprisingly, Frodo’s quest is a treacherous labyrinth which doesn’t throw even a few crumbs of comfort.


Nicholas Sparks had to write to divert his depression and pity for his sister, who is dying from cancer, hence the absolutely romantic novel, ‘A Walk to Remember’ was born. Driven by emotion, ‘A Walk to Remember’ conveys giving in to destiny and holding on to the test of faith, hope and love. Landon Carter, an aimless, moody, and stunning hunk in Beaufont High departs from his glamorous world for the girl he is least likely to fall for, the last person he would choose to date and the girl who is totally his opposite. Call it fate or destiny, Landon was left with no option but to seek Jamie’s helpful hands, the chance that triggered the breath-taking realization that this guy who makes use of his looks to cope in school is irresistibly in love with the girl he once called old fashioned. Loving Jamie took him worlds away from the world he used to know, yet he lets the love take him worlds away. Not until, Jamie had to give in to destiny, they both need to face the twist of fate, tear drenched but they need to be strong and cling to their only hope.

3: BEASTLY (2006)

Who doesn’t know the fairy tale, ‘Beauty and the Beast’? For the sake of modernity, Alex Finn wrote a new version of this tale focusing on the beast’s perspective which she entitled ‘Beastly’. ‘Transformation’ this word would push readers to take grips to discover in this timely piece. Kyle Kingsbury- tall, blonde, rich and handsome son of Manhattan News anchor; Lindy Owen- a plain girl with red hair, green eyes and crooked teeth and the daughter of a drug lord; Kendra Hilferty ”œ the witch who was disgraced and punished to work as a servant in New York City; the blind tutor and his dog. Behold! Their lives are intertwined with all bewitching, amazing and mysterious unforgettable occurrences to create the reminiscent of the beast. Beastly, though this creature appears, has a heart that grieves and repents and a love that is pure. Unfortunately this heart and love are boxed in the beast’s new found world.


In the midst of brutality from the death camps in the NAZI occupied Poland, Mr. Oskar Schindler outrageously risked his life and rescued more than 1,100 Jews. This heroic deed of Mr. Schindler inspired Thomas Keneally to recollect the true story from the real survivors of the Holocaust and from Mr. Oskar chandler himself and to condense every single detail in the documentary novel entitled ‘Shcindler’s List’ or more commonly known as ‘Schindler’s Ark’ among the British. A significant part of history unfolds in each chapter. Each page reveals the lamentations and sufferings of the Jews who were tortured by the horrible iron hands of the unmerciful German troops. In between the torments, rises the flamboyant, German profiteer and womanizer Schindler in favor of the Jews. No guns, no armory, no troops, he won and saved thousands of lives. This documentary novel unravels Mr. Schindler’s sublime effort and innate confidence: an overdose of rare and precious principles that uncaps his bottled virtue.


A novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett ‘The Secret Garden’ depicts the childlike adventures of Mary Lennox, a rich, spoiled, unaffectionate and unwanted British young girl who was abandoned in their house in India. Being left alone she has to live with her uncle in England, the very place where Mary explores the unknown. This girl experiences an irresistible invitation to discover two big secrets in the house where she lives. What lies behind the locked gate? Who weeps behind the locked door? The revelation of these secrets opens up a whole, new and colorful world yet elicits brand new secrets to keep.


‘Angels and Demons’ is a 2000 best-selling mystery-thriller novel written by Dan Brown. Robert Langdon discovered a brotherhood called Illuminati. This anti-Christ underground movement creates a viral frenzy in the Vatican City, coinciding with the murder of a physicist, the death of the pope and the abduction of four cardinals. The Illuminati threatened to kill each cardinal every hour and then put the Vatican City to dust with the antimatter. Robert Langdon, a religious symbologist together with Vittoria, a scientist, raced against time to unravel the clues and discover where the destructive weapon was hidden. The two heroes, Vittoria being the researcher of the dangerous prototype of the antimatter and Robert being an expert tour guide must travel throughout Rome to discover the horrific truth behind the Illuminati’s wrath in merely 4 hours.


Did you know that ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is Lauren Weisberger’s first written novel? Published in 2003, this delightful novel about landing on a first job with a devilish superior maintained to stay six months in the New York Times best-seller list. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ takes the readers to the hilarious world of Andrea Sachs. Her mishaps as assistant to Miranda Priestly, a high profile editor, a sophisticated woman, and an iron-clad fisted boss, elicit humor and inspiration to readers. This book also gives an inside look in New York and International fashion with full references to designers, models, clothes and glamour, from the trendiest to the most expensive, name it. Andrea and Miranda symbolize the reality at the workplace where the boss is always right. As a whole, the depiction of work life, fashion statement and success of a newbie cast a spell to the readers.

8: TWILIGHT (2005)

Stephanie Meyer undoubtedly justified her sensibility to enable the readers to thirst for more in her very own version of a vampire story, the ‘Twilight’. ‘A vampire story for people who don’t want vampire’ is just one of the many unified notions for this novel about the impossible love, the family mystery and the extraordinary life of Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan. Each page is savored that compels and touches the readers to feel like they are unwilling to give up hope for a seemingly doomed relationship. Bella’s undying love and Edward’s hidden monstrous character lead the romance to a bloody twist. On the one hand for the sake of trivial pursuit, ‘Twilight’ was rejected by 14 agents, right before it was published in 2005 with a print-run of 75,000 copies. ‘Twilight’ peaked at Number 1 at New York Times Bestseller list and later went on to become the Bestselling Book in 2008.


Although ‘time travel’ suggests a science fiction genre, Audrey Niffenegger successfully conveys a timeless love story beneath the title ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. Henry is 36 and Clare is 6 when they first met yet the truth is Henry is only 8 years older than Clare. Yes, Henry was plagued by time travel a genetic mutation disorder, as he traveled he discovered much of the future and he could even go back in time. Clare on the other hand was love driven so she opted to live with Henry’s curse as part of her life. Henry became her deepest secret. Clare’s struggles were devastating yet the love they shared was passionate and enduring. This wonderful novel also explores the multiple ages of Henry and how he foresees his death. ‘The Time Travelers Wife’, published in 2003 literally buries the readers and gets everyone immersed with Henry and Clare’s life, love and destiny.

10: TAKEN (2006)

‘Taken’ a novel written by Edward Bloor tackles life two decades from today and lets the readers expect the unexpected. In 2035, what would life be? The rich will be twice as glorified and the poor will be twice as forsaken where kidnapping will become the menial job of the meek. On a New Year’s Eve, Charity Meyer is kidnapped, as it is a common situation and every rich kid is well trained on kidnapping protocols, initially she is very calm just waiting to be ransomed. However, when she identified one of the kidnappers, she knows a ransom will not save her. She has no way out but to fight for herself. Scared as she is, there are even much scarier things she has to take to flee. Clueless, unguided and lost, who will save Charity Meyer?

On the whole, it is quite obvious that these written works have become bedrock to the writers and a silent force of economic advancements: the books are bestseller; the films are highest-grossing. Nevertheless, the popularity of the books make the films vulnerable to unfavorable reviews such as slaughtering the real story due to chronic rush of sequences, exaggerations and overtones. The question is, what beholds the viewers’ eyes?

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  1. gofletch

    February 23, 2012 7:23 am

    could have included, herman wouks the winds of war, and borth and south, author, unknown?tksgreat site though, i look forward to browsing it a lot in the future, thanks

    • Frances

      April 22, 2013 12:40 pm

      North and South, Love and War, and Heaven and Hell, the Trilogy about the Maines and the Hazzards that starts before the Civil War, were written by the John Jakes… All a tremendous read, much better than the TV movies!

  2. Chamathka Fonseka

    February 9, 2013 11:49 am

    We all know that “Harry Potter” written by J.K. Rowling is the best book ever turned into an sophisticated movie series. It will be remembered long time as great fiction. Gosh, You have done a ridiculous mistake by not adding Harry Potter. I am incredulous!!


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